Not to be confused with  [Prison Manifest].
  • Prison Manifest
  • Binds when picked up
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A tattered ledger of prisoners that used to be in Tol Barad."

Prison Manifest.jpg

Prison Manifest is a book located on a table inside the Ruins of D-Block in Tol Barad. The spirit of Armond Thaco stands next to the book.


Prison Manifest

<The book is out of date and barely legible.>
Baradin Hold Special Notes:
Occu'thar slain by adventurers shortly after the Battle for Tol Barad. While clean up crew was attempting to restore Baradin Hold, its prison was invaded by another of its kind.

This one is stronger, has a strange aura to it, and one eye glows powerfully. The guards call it Occol'tharon[sic]. Wards barely held it. No idea why it appeared or how, but we're stuck with it...

<the last page has some desperate scrawling on it...>
Tol Barad is lost to the inmates, all forces in full retreat.

Can't make it to retreat point, too many demons. My last stand is here. If anyone finds this, tell the Kirin Tor that I took as many of them with me as I could.

- Armond Thaco


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