Prison of the Forgotten

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NeutralPrison of the Forgotten
Start  [The Forgotten Key]
End Domination Lock
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Maw
Previous N [60] The Search for Baine
Next N [60] Deep Within


Take the object back to Ve'nari.


<As you stare at the object you've found, you wonder if it may lead you to some other part of this forsaken tower.

Perhaps Ve'nari may know more of its purpose.>


Back from Torghast, I see. What have we here?


<As you place the key into the device, it shudders for a moment and begins to unlock.>


In Torghast during N [60] The Search for Baine, defeat Warden Arkoban on floor six to loot the key that starts this quest. Exit Torghast and check in with Ve'nari:

You were not followed, were you?

Gossip (Quest) This was carried by Warden Arkoban. Do you know what it does?

I believe this is a key, of sorts, to a chamber within Torghast.
Search the antechamber for a device that will accept it.
Where it leads after that... I could only speculate.
If Baine is still in tow
I do, and I shall tell you after you see to it that your friend there is in Oribos.
Come back to me once he is safe.

Head back in to Torghast and turn south to the Domination Lock. This unlocks a portal to the Runecarver's Oubliette. Take the portal to reach the Runecarver, who continues a quest chain of his own with N [60] Deep Within.


  1. N [60] The Highlord Calls
  2. N [60] Into Torghast
  3. N [60] The Search for Baine
    • Optional side chain to unlock the Runecarver:
    1. N [60] Prison of the Forgotten
    2. N [60] Deep Within
    3. N [60] Reawakening
    4. N [60] A Damned Pact
    5. N [60] A Grave Chance
    6. N [60] The Weak Link
    7. N [60] Ashes of the Tower
    8. N [60] The Final Pieces
  4. N [60] Explore Torghast
  5. N [60] Remnants of Hope
  6. N [60] Information for a Price
  7. N [60] Torment Chamber: Jaina
  8. N [60] Finding a Witness
  9. N [60] Lest the Trail Go Cold
  10. N [60] Torment Chamber: Thrall
  11. N [60] Signs of the Lion
  12. N [60] The Captive King

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