Prisoners of Wyrmskull

Alliance 32.pngPrisoners of Wyrmskull
Start Vice Admiral Keller
End Vice Admiral Keller
Level 70
Category Howling Fjord
Experience 12650
Reputation +250 Valiance Expedition
Rewards 4 Gold.png 40 Silver.png
Previous Alliance 15.png [70] Rescuing the Rescuers
Next Inv misc map 01.png [Dragonflayer Battle Plans]


Vice Admiral Keller at Valgarde Port in the Howling Fjord wants you to rescue 3 Captured Valgarde Prisoners.

  • Captured Valgarde Prisoner Rescued (3)


This battle is far from over, <name>. If our people are still alive inside that village, someone has to go and get 'em.

<Vice Admiral Keller nods at you.>

Head north and enter Wyrmskull Village. Once there, look for our people. If they are imprisoned you'll need to find a way to break them out.

Maybe they'll have some more information about what it is that we're actually fighting.


You will receive: 4 Gold.png 40 Silver.png


Put some backbone into it, <name>! People's lives are at stake here!


Those soldiers you rescued had a good bit of information for us. These monsters call themselves 'vrykul.' The tribe that's taken up Wyrmskull Village is led by a mystic named Yanis who himself is an underling of another vrykul named Ingvar the Plunderer.


Dragonflayer Cage.jpg
Cages with prisoners
Rescuing a prisoner will temporarily add him or her to your party. If you are in an actual party, occasionally the NPC will say in party chat "I hear they're sacrificing prisoners up at their ritual grounds. I think the place is called Gjalerbron...".

The Inv misc key 08.png [Dragonflayer Cage Key] can drop from any Dragonflayer vrykul in Wyrmskull Village

Any of the following NPCs qualify:


  1. Alliance 15.png [70] Hell Has Frozen Over...
  2. Alliance 15.png [70] If Valgarde Falls...
  3. Alliance 15.png [70] Rescuing the Rescuers
  4. Alliance 15.png [70] Prisoners of Wyrmskull
  5. Alliance 15.png [70] Dragonflayer Battle Plans
  6. Alliance 15.png [70] To Westguard Keep!
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