Pristine archaeology finds have a very slim chance to be created when solving common pandaren, mogu or mantid artifacts, beginning in Mists of Pandaria. The pristine version of the item starts a quest to put the item on permanent display at the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms on Pandaria.

The system was continued in Warlords of Draenor with arakkoa, Draenor clan and ogre artifacts. Once the player reaches level 100 and upgrades their garrison to Tier 3, they can display their pristine artifacts in the garrison's Town Hall.

In Legion, the number of artifacts (and in turn, pristines) was drastically reduced to five per race, 15 in total. Pristine projects are returned to Things of the Past in Dalaran. The previous expansions' many projects meant that getting the last few pristines is very painful to complete, and thus, less and less fun.

In Battle for Azeroth, both races have six artifacts. They are displayed in Dazar'alor and Boralus.

Mists of Pandaria Pristine artifacts
Race Normal Pristine Quest
Mantid  [Ancient Sap Feeder]  [Pristine Ancient Sap Feeder] N [10-35] Pristine Ancient Sap Feeder
Mantid  [Banner of the Mantid Empire]  [Pristine Banner of the Mantid Empire] N [10-35] Pristine Banner of the Mantid Empire
Mantid  [Kypari Sap Container]  [Pristine Kypari Sap Container] N [10-35] Pristine Kypari Sap Container
Mantid  [Mantid Lamp]  [Pristine Mantid Lamp] N [10-35] Pristine Mantid Lamp
Mantid  [Pollen Collector]  [Pristine Pollen Collector] N [10-35] Pristine Pollen Collector
Mantid  [The Praying Mantid]  [Pristine Praying Mantid] N [10-35] Pristine Praying Mantid
Mantid  [Remains of a Paragon]  [Pristine Remains of a Paragon] N [10-35] Pristine Remains of a Paragon
Mantid  [Inert Sound Beacon]  [Pristine Sound Beacon] N [10-35] Pristine Sound Beacon
Mogu  [Warlord's Branding Iron]  [Pristine Branding Iron] N [10-35] Pristine Branding Iron
Mogu  [Edicts of the Thunder King]  [Pristine Edicts of the Thunder King] N [10-35] Pristine Edicts of the Thunder King
Mogu  [Iron Amulet]  [Pristine Iron Amulet] N [10-35] Pristine Iron Amulet
Mogu  [Manacles of Rebellion]  [Pristine Manacles of Rebellion] N [10-35] Pristine Manacles of Rebellion
Mogu  [Mogu Coin]  [Pristine Mogu Coin] N [10-35] Pristine Mogu Coin
Mogu  [Cracked Mogu Runestone]  [Pristine Mogu Runestone] N [10-35] Pristine Mogu Runestone
Mogu  [Worn Monument Ledger]  [Pristine Monument Ledger] N [10-35] Pristine Monument Ledger
Mogu  [Petrified Bone Whip]  [Pristine Petrified Bone Whip] N [10-35] Pristine Petrified Bone Whip
Mogu  [Terracotta Arm]  [Pristine Terracotta Arm] N [10-35] Pristine Terracotta Arm
Mogu  [Thunder King Insignia]  [Pristine Thunder King Insignia] N [10-35] Pristine Thunder King Insignia
Pandaren  [Apothecary Tins]  [Pristine Apothecary Tins] N [10-35] Pristine Apothecary Tins
Pandaren  [Carved Bronze Mirror]  [Pristine Carved Bronze Mirror] N [10-35] Pristine Carved Bronze Mirror
Pandaren  [Empty Keg]  [Pristine Empty Keg] N [10-35] Pristine Empty Keg
Pandaren  [Pandaren Game Board]  [Pristine Game Board] N [10-35] Pristine Game Board
Pandaren  [Gold-Inlaid Figurine]  [Pristine Gold-Inlaid Figurine] N [10-35] Pristine Gold-Inlaid Figurine
Pandaren  [Pandaren Tea Set]  [Pristine Pandaren Tea Set] N [10-35] Pristine Pandaren Tea Set
Pandaren  [Pearl of Yu'lon]  [Pristine Pearl of Yu'lon] N [10-35] Pristine Pearl of Yu'lon
Pandaren  [Standard of Niuzao]  [Pristine Standard of Niuzao] N [10-35] Pristine Standard of Niuzao
Pandaren  [Twin Stein Set]  [Pristine Twin Stein Set] N [10-35] Pristine Twin Stein Set
Pandaren  [Walking Cane]  [Pristine Walking Cane] N [10-35] Pristine Walking Cane
Warlords of Draenor Pristine artifacts
Race Normal Pristine Quest
Arakkoa  [Dreamcatcher]  [Pristine Dreamcatcher] N [40] Pristine Dreamcatcher
Arakkoa  [Decree Scrolls]  [Pristine Decree Scrolls] N [40] Pristine Decree Scrolls
Arakkoa  [Sundial]  [Pristine Sundial] N [40] Pristine Sundial
Arakkoa  [Outcast Dreamcatcher]  [Pristine Outcast Dreamcatcher] N [40] Pristine Outcast Dreamcatcher
Arakkoa  [Apexis Hieroglyph]  [Pristine Apexis Hieroglyph] N [40] Pristine Apexis Hieroglyph
Arakkoa  [Burial Urn]  [Pristine Burial Urn] N [40] Pristine Burial Urn
Arakkoa  [Solar Orb]  [Pristine Solar Orb] N [40] Pristine Solar Orb
Arakkoa  [Talonpriest Mask]  [Pristine Talonpriest Mask] N [40] Pristine Talonpriest Mask
Arakkoa  [Apexis Crystal]  [Pristine Apexis Crystal] N [40] Pristine Apexis Crystal
Arakkoa  [Apexis Scroll]  [Pristine Apexis Scroll] N [40] Pristine Apexis Scroll
Draenor Clans  [Fang-Scarred Frostwolf Axe]  [Pristine Fang-Scarred Frostwolf Axe] N [40] Pristine Fang-Scarred Frostwolf Axe
Draenor Clans  [Wolfskin Snowshoes]  [Pristine Wolfskin Snowshoes] N [40] Pristine Wolfskin Snowshoes
Draenor Clans  [Screaming Bullroarer]  [Pristine Screaming Bullroarer] N [40] Pristine Screaming Bullroarer
Draenor Clans  [Metalworker's Hammer]  [Pristine Metalworker's Hammer] N [40] Pristine Metalworker's Hammer
Draenor Clans  [Blackrock Razor]  [Pristine Blackrock Razor] N [40] Pristine Blackrock Razor
Draenor Clans  [Hooked Dagger]  [Pristine Hooked Dagger] N [40] Pristine Hooked Dagger
Draenor Clans  [Calcified Eye In a Jar]  [Pristine Calcified Eye In a Jar] N [40] Pristine Calcified Eye In A Jar
Draenor Clans  [Ancestral Talisman]  [Pristine Ancestral Talisman] N [40] Pristine Ancestral Talisman
Draenor Clans  [Flask of Blazegrease]  [Pristine Flask of Blazegrease] N [40] Pristine Flask of Blazegrease
Draenor Clans  [Doomsday Prophecy]  [Pristine Doomsday Prophecy] N [40] Pristine Doomsday Prophecy
Draenor Clans  [Frostwolf Ancestry Scrimshaw]  [Pristine Frostwolf Ancestry Scrimshaw] N [40] Pristine Frostwolf Ancestry Scrimshaw
Draenor Clans  [Warsinger's Drums]  [Pristine Warsinger's Drums] N [40] Pristine Warsinger's Drums
Draenor Clans  [Warsong Ceremonial Pike]  [Pristine Warsong Ceremonial Pike] N [40] Pristine Warsong Ceremonial Pike
Draenor Clans  [Elemental Bellows]  [Pristine Elemental Bellows] N [40] Pristine Elemental Bellows
Draenor Clans  [Weighted Chopping Axe]  [Pristine Weighted Chopping Axe] N [40] Pristine Weighted Chopping Axe
Draenor Clans  [Barbed Fishing Hook]  [Pristine Barbed Fishing Hook] N [40] Pristine Barbed Fishing Hook
Draenor Clans  [Ceremonial Tattoo Needles]  [Pristine Ceremonial Tattoo Needles] N [40] Pristine Ceremonial Tattoo Needles
Draenor Clans  [Cracked Ivory Idol]  [Pristine Cracked Ivory Idol] N [40] Pristine Cracked Ivory Idol
Draenor Clans  [Gronn-Tooth Necklace]  [Pristine Gronn-Tooth Necklace] N [40] Pristine Gronn-Tooth Necklace
Ogre  [Stonemaul Succession Stone]  [Pristine Stonemaul Succession Stone] N [40] Pristine Stonemaul Succession Stone
Ogre  [Ogre Figurine]  [Pristine Ogre Figurine] N [40] Pristine Ogre Figurine
Ogre  [Gladiator's Shield]  [Pristine Gladiator's Shield] N [40] Pristine Gladiator's Shield
Ogre  [Eye of Har'gunn the Blind]  [Pristine Eye of Har'gunn the Blind] N [40] Pristine Eye of Har'guun the Blind
Ogre  [Rylak Riding Harness]  [Pristine Rylak Riding Harness] N [40] Pristine Rylak Riding Harness
Ogre  [Stone Manacles]  [Pristine Stone Manacles] N [40] Pristine Stone Manacles
Ogre  [Pictogram Carving]  [Pristine Pictogram Carving] N [40] Pristine Pictogram Carving
Ogre  [Mortar and Pestle]  [Pristine Mortar and Pestle] N [40] Pristine Mortar and Pestle
Ogre  [Stone Dentures]  [Pristine Stone Dentures] N [40] Pristine Stone Dentures
Ogre  [Imperial Decree Stele]  [Pristine Imperial Decree Stele] N [40] Pristine Imperial Decree Stele
Legion Pristine artifacts
Race Normal Pristine Quest
Demonic  [Imp's Cup]  [Pristine Imp's Cup] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Imp's Cup
Demonic  [Malformed Abyssal]  [Pristine Malformed Abyssal] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Malformed Abyssal
Demonic  [Houndstooth Hauberk]  [Pristine Houndstooth Hauberk] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Houndstooth Hauberk
Demonic  [Orb of Inner Chaos]  [Pristine Orb of Inner Chaos] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Orb of Inner Chaos
Demonic  [Flayed-Skin Chronicle]  [Pristine Flayed-Skin Chronicle] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Flayed-Skin Chronicle
Highborne  [Inert Leystone Charm]  [Pristine Inert Leystone Charm] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Inert Leystone Charm
Highborne  [Pre-War Highborne Tapestry]  [Pristine Pre-War Highborne Tapestry] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Pre-War Highborne Tapestry
Highborne  [Violetglass Vessel]  [Pristine Violetglass Vessel] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Violetglass Vessel
Highborne  [Quietwine Vial]  [Pristine Quietwine Vial] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Quietwine Vial
Highborne  [Nobleman's Letter Opener]  [Pristine Nobleman's Letter Opener] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Nobleman's Letter Opener
Highmountain Tauren  [Trailhead Drum]  [Pristine Trailhead Drum] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Trailhead Drum
Highmountain Tauren  [Hand-Smoothed Pyrestone]  [Pristine Hand-Smoothed Pyrestone] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Hand-Smoothed Pyrestone
Highmountain Tauren  [Stonewood Bow]  [Pristine Stonewood Bow] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Stonewood Bow
Highmountain Tauren  [Moosebone Fish-Hook]  [Pristine Moosebone Fish-Hook] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Moosebone Fish-Hook
Highmountain Tauren  [Drogbar Gem-Roller]  [Pristine Drogbar Gem-Roller] N Archaeology [10-45] Pristine Drogbar Gem-Roller
Battle for Azeroth Pristine artifacts
Race Normal Pristine Quest
Zandalari  [Akun'Jar Vase]  [Pristine Akun'Jar Vase] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Akun'Jar Vase
Drust  [Ancient Runebound Tome]  [Pristine Ancient Runebound Tome] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Ancient Runebound Tome
Zandalari  [Blowgun of the Sethra]  [Pristine Blowgun of the Sethrak] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Blowgun of the Sethrak
Zandalari  [Bwonsamdi Voodoo Mask]  [Pristine Bwonsamdi Voodoo Mask] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Bwonsamdi Voodoo Mask
Drust  [Ceremonial Bonesaw]  [Pristine Ceremonial Bonesaw] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Ceremonial Bonesaw
Drust  [Disembowling Sickle]  [Pristine Disembowling Sickle] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Disembowling Sickle
Zandalari  [High Apothecary's Hood]  [Pristine High Apothecary's Hood] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine High Apothecary's Hood
Zandalari  [Rezan Idol]  [Pristine Rezan Idol] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Rezan Idol
Drust  [Ritual Fetish]  [Pristine Ritual Fetish] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Ritual Fetish
Drust  [Jagged Blade of the Drust]  [Pristine Jagged Blade of the Drust] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Jagged Blade of the Drust
Drust  [Soul Coffer]  [Pristine Soul Coffer] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Soul Coffer
Zandalari  [Urn of Passage]  [Pristine Urn of Passage] N Archaeology [10-50] Pristine Urn of Passage

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