Pristine Game Board (quest)

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NeutralPristine Game Board
Start  [Pristine Game Board]
End Clutter
Level 10 (Requires 10)
Category Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Rewards 3x  [Restored Artifact],
 [Pandaren Pottery Shard]
The Pristine Game Board on display.

Pristine Game Board is a quest that allows the player, through phasing, to permanently display a  [Pandaren Game Board] as a physical object in the Seat of Knowledge.


Put the artifact on display.


This artifact has been restored to a remarkably excellent condition. Perhaps you will put it on display at the Seat of Knowledge, so that lorewalkers and archaeologists can study it.


You will receive:
Inv crate 04.png 3x [Restored Artifact] Archaeology 5 0 keystone pandaren.png 1x [Pandaren Pottery Shard]


Remove the clutter and put the artifact on display.


This will aid lorewalkers and archaeologists in understanding the history of Pandaria.


Pandaren Game Board

Pandaren love games. This game in particular has been a favorite among the Pandaren since the time of the first Pandaren emperor. This is a fine example of an ancient set.

This specimen was donated by the esteemed <class>, <name>.

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