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AlliancePrivate Porter
Image of Private Porter
Title <Medium Leather Collector>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 58
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stormwind
Occupation Private
Location Military Ward, Ironforge

The subject of this article or section was part of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, a world event that heralded the opening of Ahn'Qiraj. This is no longer available as event is permanently over as of patch 3.2.0.

Private Porter was a human quest giver located in the Military Ward in Ironforge.




Still collecting

<Ma'am/Sir>, yes <ma'am/sir>! Private Porter reporting for duty and ready to assist you with your medium leather collection needs. The Ahn'Qiraj War is coming and we need to be as prepared as we can be.

As you can see we have collected exactly <number collected> pieces of medium leather, and I have been tasked with gathering a total of 110000.

Gossip What is an Alliance Commendation Signet?

An Alliance Commendation Signet is awarded to a <hero/heroine> who goes above and beyond the call of duty to the Alliance. Various Commendation Officers for the factions of the Alliance are located in all of the major cities; speak with the one with whom you'd like to raise your reputation, and give them the number of signets they ask for!
By the way, during the war effort here, if you'd rather receive a material reward for your signets in lieu of reputation, seek out Field Marshal Snowfall.
Collection complete

Ah, um, yes <sir/ma'am>. It would appear that we have collected all of the medium leather that the Alliance feels is necessary for the war. I'm told that there may be others here though that still need your assistance with their collection efforts.

Alliance war effort completed before Horde

Yes <sir/ma'am>! I've been ordered to report that the Alliance has collected all war material necessary. It has been relayed to me that we are simply waiting on the Horde to finish their part and then everything will be shipped to Silithus. Thank you <sir/ma'am>!

Both war efforts completed

A-ten-hut! All Ahn'Qiraj war material accounted for and in the process of being transported to Cenarion Hold <sir/ma'am>! I am told that the last of it should arrive in less than 5 days. Once that is done, and someone rings that gong over there to open the gates, I guarantee that we'll give those bugs one heck of a fight!


This section includes speculation on characters that might be related, usually because they may share a last name. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

He might have been related to Andello Porter and Leonard Porter.

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