HordePrized Repossessions
Start Morketh Bladehowl [69.6, 69.8]
End Morketh Bladehowl
Level 20-40
Category Talador
Experience 14250
Rewards [Garrison Resources]
Previous H [20-40] Dropping Bombs
Next H [20-40] The Lord of the Gordunni
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [20-40] Prized Repossessions.


Collect 6 Gordunni "Toothpick's" from Gordunni Bashers or Gordunni Cleavers within Gordal Fortress.


The Gordunni were given copies of my blades as a gift from the Iron Horde. But what do they use them for? Toothpicks!

Sure the blades are low grade copies but it's still MY design and I can't stand to think of them in those ogre hands for a moment longer!

<Sir/Ma'am>, While we are in here can you do me a favor and get those blades out of their hands!


You will receive:


Were you able to get all of my blades back?


Thank you, commander. With this another stain on my honor has been removed.


Pick up H [20-40] Supply Recovery and H [20-40] Punching Through before heading out.

On accept of all three, Morketh joins the party:

Morketh Bladehowl says: Let's do this!

Start killing ogres to acquire their maces. Crates of Iron Horde Shipments litter the ground, so interact with one to launch a flare and summon one of Gazlowe's copters to pick it up.

Inside the fortress, keep an eye out for rare hydra Gennadian, which drops the  [Scales of Gennadian] and 20-30 [Garrison Resources]. Also, in the fourth tower (the one immediately to the northeast of the Throne of the Witch Lord), find an Iron Box which contains a  [Gordunni Skullthumper] and roughly 15g.


  1. B [20-40] The Quarry Quandary
  2. A [20-40] In Ared's Memory / H [20-40] Unleashed Steel
  3. Complete all of:
  4. B [20-40] Going to the Gordunni
  5. B [20-40] Dropping Bombs
  6. Complete all of:
  7. B [20-40] The Lord of the Gordunni
  8. B [20-40] The Only Way to Travel
  9. B [20-40] Armor Up (optional)

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