For the in-game term, see Profanity Filter.
NeutralProfanity Filter
Start Kajosh
End Kajosh
Level 20-50
Category Nazmir
Experience 16,450
Reputation +75 Tortollan Seekers
Rewards 23g 40s
Next N [20-50] Killing Cannibals, N [20-50] Just Say No to Cannibalism & N [20-50] Shoak's on the Menu


Destroy 5 Profane Totems with Kajosh's scroll of inferno.


I hate this place! I just want to go home, but I can't because that oaf, Shoak, is missing.

Listen, <race>t, I'll make it worth your while if you help me find that dunce.

I've got a way to find Shoak, but of COURSE these stupid totems are blocking my magic! Why wouldn't they?

Take this scroll and use its magic to burn these totems. I'm going to look around to see if that bonehead is just sleeping somewhere.


You will receive:


You destroy those totems yet?


Looks like that dunce got himself captured by blood trolls.

This is going to get violent really fast.


On approach
Kajosh is casting spells.
Kajosh yells: SHOAK! Where are you? SHOAK!
Kajosh yells: Why won't you WORK! Just find Shoak!
Kajosh yells: Come on! I need you to find Shoak, not BOUNCE OFF THAT TOTEM!
Kajosh yells: This good for nothing scroll... just work and FIND SHOAK!
On accept
Kajosh says: I'm going up ahead while you destroy those totems. Hopefully we can find that oaf once the totems are gone.
On approach
Kajosh is surrounded by dead Young Mawfiends.
Kajosh says: SHOAK! This isn't funny anymore, I'm too close to the blood troll outpost!
Speaking with Kajosh

This isn't the first time Shoak has gotten himself lost. He better be in really big trouble for all this effort we're doing.

Gossip Some of the totems are destroyed, will your spell work now?

Kajosh casts the Scroll of Guidance.
Kajosh says: Some totems destroyed is better than none, let's see if we can find that oaf...
Kajosh says: ...Stop circling me and find Shoak!
Kajosh says: Oh no...
Kajosh says: No... no no!
Kajosh says: ...The Natha'vor trolls have Shoak.
On completion
Kajosh says: That idiot... why did he have to get captured by blood trolls?


  1. N [20-50] Profanity Filter
  2. N [20-50] Killing Cannibals, N [20-50] Just Say No to Cannibalism & N [20-50] Shoak's on the Menu

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