NeutralProphet of the Flame
Image of Prophet of the Flame
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Level 35
Class Druid of the Flame
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Prophet
Location Molten Front

The Prophet of the Flame appears on a hill in the Ashen Fields of the Molten Front. The prophet takes on the form of one the bosses in the Firelands raid, including Ragnaros himself.


  • Avatar of Baleroc
  • Avatar of Ragnaros
  • Avatar of Rhyolith
  • Avatar of Shannox
  • Avatar of Staghelm


  • Prophet of the Flame says: None escape the rage of the Firelands!
  • Prophet of the Flame says: Kneel before the burning flame!
  • Prophet of the Flame says: Witness the majesty of flame!
Takes on an avatar
  • Avatar of Rhyolith says: Shadows the old!
  • Avatar of Rhyolith says: Crush crush crush!
  • Avatar of Rhyolith says: Stomp and burn! Stomp and burn!
  • Avatar of Rhyolith says: Shear the flesh from their tiny frames!
  • Avatar of Shannox says: The realm of fire will consume you!
  • Avatar of Shannox says: You are marked for death! Go! FLEE, little one!
  • Avatar of Shannox says: You're being hunted!
  • Avatar of Shannox says: Time to run... Shannox comes!
  • Avatar of Baleroc says: The master will see you all consumed!
  • Avatar of Baleroc says: Be swallowed by a sea of flame!
  • Avatar of Baleroc says: None may enter the master's domain!
  • Avatar of Baleroc says: I enact my masters will. I am he who bars the gate!
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: I have come for you, Malfurion.
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: You are all weak... frail...
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: There is one true path... the path of FLAME!
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Yours is a path of doom.
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Destroy their camp! Burn their tree to ash!
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Burn EVERYTHING! Leave no survivors!
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Kill them all, bring Malfurion to me.
  • Avatar of Staghelm says: Leave none alive, save Malfurion. He is mine.
  • Avatar of Ragnaros says: Be consumed by flame!
  • Avatar of Ragnaros says: I will see you all burn!


  • He seems to appear about every 15 minutes from a shooting ball of fire coming from Sulfuron Keep.

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