Prospector Anvilward

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AllianceProspector Anvilward
Image of Prospector Anvilward
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Alliance, Ironforge, Sentinel spies
Occupation Prospector
Location North Sanctum, Eversong Woods
Status Deceased

Prospector Anvilward is a dwarf found at the North Sanctum in Eversong Woods, but will become hostile to Horde adventurers during the quest H [7] The Dwarven Spy. He spied on the activities of the blood elves in Quel'Thalas in order to help the Sentinel spies sabotage their installations. He's calling himself an envoy of Ironforge.

Objective of



What are you looking at, <lad/lass>? Never seen a dwarf before, then?

You'd best be on yer way if you don't want any trouble.

Dialogue with Caidanis
Prospector Anvilward says: These arcane sanctums of yours are quite... interesting Mr. Caidanis. I appreciate the information you have given me today.
Ley-Keeper Caidanis says: It's been a pleasure, Mr. Anvilward. I must say your enthusiastic interest in our operations is most... unexpected.
Quest confrontation
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