Protectorate Watch Post

The base of operations for the Protectorate in the Netherstorm is called the Protectorate Watch Post.[59, 32] It is in a prime location to keep tabs on both the Ethereum and Void at Manaforge Ultris, however, the Watch Post is slightly understaffed and cannot attempt an offensive on either party by themselves. The leader of the Protectorate forces at this particular location is Commander Ameer.

Player information

This location is a minor quest hub in the area, and most of the quests available deal only with Manaforge Ultris and the surrounding area. Despite its limited quest variety, it is here that you begin the quest chains to kill two of the most powerful entities in the Netherstorm: Dimensius and Nexus-King Salhadaar. There is a merchant who sells general goods, as well as buys items from players, however, there is no merchant at this location who repairs armor. It is a good place to quest since the quest objectives are so close to the quest givers.

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