Image of Proto-Behemoth
Title <Halfus Wyrmbreaker's Guardian>
Race Proto-dragon (Dragonkin)
Level 87 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bastion of Twilight
Main article: Halfus Wyrmbreaker

The Proto-Behemoth is a proto-dragon that serves as Halfus Wyrmbreaker's guardian.


  • Spell fire meteorstorm.png  Fireball Barrage — The Proto-Behemoth fires rapid volleys of fireballs at random enemy targets. Each Fireball deals 20400 to 27600 Fire damage within 8 yards of impact. This ability activates when the Time Warden awakens. 
  • Spell fire burnout.png  Scorching Breath — The Proto-Behemoth unleashes waves of flame across the entire platform, dealing 8100 Fire damage to all enemies every 1 sec, for 8 sec. This ability activates when the Orphaned Emerald Whelps awaken. 
  • Spell fire firebolt02.png  Fireball — The Proto-Behemoth lobs single fireballs at the location of a random player. When the fireball lands, it inflicts 20400 to 27600 Fire damage to players within 8 yards of the impact. This ability is only active when the Time Warden is dormant. 


Raids usually ignore Proto-Behemoth and heal through the damage its attacks do, which is moderate. Freeing the Time Warden or the Orphaned Emerald Whelps will help to negate this damage as well. Once Wyrmbreaker is dead, it despawns.

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