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Protoform Synthesis.

Protoform Synthesis can be accessed through the Protoform Forge in Zereth Mortis. The process is used to create a number of companion pets and mounts. The majority of materials needed is made up  [Genesis Mote]. A lattice is used to set the creature type. Last but not least, an item corresponding with the characteristics of the creature in question is needed. First, adventurers will need to hunt down the carious schematics to begin crafting however.


Companion pets

  • Ambystan Darter
  •  [Archetype of Animation]
  • Archetype of Cunning
  • Archetype of Discovery
  • Archetype of Focus
  • Archetype of Malice
  • Archetype of Metamorphosis
  • Archetype of Motion
  • Archetype of Multiplicity
  • Archetype of Predation
  • Archetype of Renewal
  • Archetype of Satisfaction
  • Archetype of Serenity
  • Archetype of Survival
  • Archetype of Vigilance
  • Gastropodling
  • Leaping Leporid
  • Multichicken
  • Omnipotential Core
  • Prototickles
  • Resonant Echo
  • Shelly (item)
  • Stabilized Geomental
  • Stabilized Scarabid
  • Terror Jelly
  • Tunneling Vombata
  • Violent Poultrid
  • Viperid Menace


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