AllianceProudmoore's Parley
Start Katherine Proudmoore
End Genn Greymane
Level 10-50
Category Tiragarde Sound
Experience 12,340
Reputation +150 Proudmoore Admiralty
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous A [10-50] Hot Pursuit


Report to Genn Greymane in Boralus Harbor.


So, we meet again.

I... apologize for how you were treated last time. I trusted Priscilla like a sister and--

<Katherine chokes up for a moment before regaining her composure.>

Let us keep this brief, for I will make no promises nor any formal accords in this state.

Return to your leaders. Tell them I wish to parley.

That is all for now. My people have suffered a great deal today and I have much to reflect upon.


You will receive:


So, Katherine is willing to speak with us at last?

Well done.


On accept:

Taelia says: Lord Admiral, perhaps we should get back to the keep. I can review the evidence against House Ashvane with you there.
Katherine Proudmoore says: Certainly. And your name is?
Taelia says: Taelia, ma'am.
Katherine Proudmoore says: Taelia... Of course. Our young ward from across the sea. Has it already been so long?
Katherine Proudmoore says: You've grown into a valiant young woman, Taelia. Your father would be proud.

Head back to the Harbormaster's Office to turn in.

This concludes the "Enemies Within" chapter Alliance  [A Sound Plan]. There are a few other side chains required to earn the achievement on the Tiragarde Sound storyline. Also, work on the Drustvar storyline or Stormsong Valley storyline and don't forget about the Alliance War Campaign quests.


  1. A [10-50] Bearers of Bad News
  2. A [10-50] Prepare for Trouble
  3. A [10-50] Make Our Case
  4. A [10-50] Enemies Within & A [10-50] Clear the Air
  5. A [10-50] Hot Pursuit
  6. A [10-50] Proudmoore's Parley

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