AllianceProvisioner Fray
Image of Provisioner Fray
Title <Proudmoore Admiralty Emissary>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Proudmoore Admiralty
Occupation Ambassador
Location Tradewinds Market, Boralus; Stormwind City
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed sister, unnamed brother-in-law

Provisioner Fray is a human located at Tradewinds Market in Boralus. She later traveled to Stormwind City.

Vendor information

Provisioner Fray
<Proudmoore Admiralty Emissary>
Rep Item Cost Type Other
Honored  [Navy Blue Boat Cloak] 10g Back
 [Gnoll Targeting Barrel] 10g Toy
 [Recipe: Contract: Proudmoore Admiralty] 10g Recipe
 [Schematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Bionic Bifocals] 10g Schematic
Revered  [Master-At-Arms Wristguards] 1,000g Wrist
 [Proudmoore Marine's Legplates] 1,000g Legs
 [Sailing Master's Sash] 1,000g Waist
 [Yardarm Sharpshooter's Boots] 1,000g Feet
 [Admiralty Marine's Duffel] 1,000g Bag
 [Cursed Spyglass] 1,000g Toy
Design: Tidal Amethyst Loop#Rank 3 1,000g Design
Formula: Enchant Ring - Pact of Mastery#Rank 3 1,000g Formula
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Masterful Navigation#Rank 3 1,000g Formula
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Siphoning#Rank 3 1,000g Formula
Pattern: Embroidered Deep Sea Cloak of the Feather#Rank 3 1,000g Pattern
 [Recipe: Battle Potion of Intellect] 1,000g Recipe
 [Recipe: Coastal Mana Potion] 1,000g Recipe
 [Recipe: Flask of the Vast Horizon] 1,000g Recipe
 [Recipe: Hardened Tempest Knuckles] 1,000g Recipe
 [Recipe: Mistscale Knuckles] 1,000g Recipe
 [Recipe: Potion of Bursting Blood] 1,000g Recipe
 [Schematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Bionic Bifocals] 1,000g Schematic
Schematic: Charged Refrigeration Projectile#Rank 3 1,000g Schematic
Schematic: Fro-Grow Grenade#Rank 3 1,000g Schematic
Schematic: Neurological Immobilization Bomb#Rank 3 1,000g Schematic
Exalted  [Boarding Action Vambraces] 1,500g Wrist
 [Cordage Sliding Grips] 1,500g Hands
 [First Lieutenant's Ceremonial Belt] 1,500g Waist
 [Maritime Spellweaver's Leggings] 1,500g Legs
 [Reins of the Admiralty Stallion] 5,000g Mount
 [Reins of the Proudmoore Sea Scout] 5,000g Mount
 [Proudmoore Admiralty Tabard] 1,500g Tabard
Paragon [[]] Special


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How may I help you?

Buy I want to browse your goods.


  • Her original name and title during the alpha were Harbormaster Fray <Proudmoore Quartermaster>.

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