HordeProvisioner Lija
Image of Provisioner Lija
Title <Talanji's Expedition Emissary>
Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 25-50 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Talanji's Expedition
Location Zul'jan Ruins, Nazmir

Provisioner Lija is a Zandalari troll located at Zul'jan Ruins of Nazmir.

Vendor information

Provisioner Lija
<Talanji's Expedition Emissary>
Rep Item Cost Type
 [Refreshing Spring Water] 25c Consumable
Honored  [Drape of the Blood Purge] 1100g Back
 [Schematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Bionic Bifocals] 1100g Schematic
 [Recipe: Contract: Talanji's Expedition] 1100g Recipe
 [Swamp Medic's Leggings] 1,400g Legs
Swampstalker Footpads 1,400g Feet
Grips of the Swamp Hunter 1,400g Hands
Gloomplate Gauntlets 1,400g Hands
Swamp Medic's Gloves 1,400g Hands
Swampstalker Leggings 1,400g Legs
Bracers of the Swamp Hunter 1,400g Wrist
Gloomplate Girdle 1,400g Waist
 [Recipe: Potion of Bursting Blood] 1,400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Flask of the Vast Horizon] 1,400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Coastal Mana Potion] 1,400g Recipe
Formula: Enchant Ring - Pact of Mastery 1,400g Formula
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Siphoning 1,400g Formula
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Masterful Navigation 1,400g Formula
 [Schematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Bionic Bifocals] 1,400g Schematic
Design: Tidal Amethyst Loop 1,400g Design
 [Recipe: Mistscale Knuckles] 1,400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Hardened Tempest Knuckles] 1,400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Battle Potion of Intellect] 1,400g Recipe
 [Tragg the Curious] 75 Polished Pet Charm Companion
Exalted  [Zo'bal Spirit Gloves] 1,900g Hands
Hir'eek Hide Leggings 1,900g Legs
 [Torga Scale Girdle] 1,900g Waist
 [Zul'jan Camp Stalkers] 1,900g Feet
Zo'bal Spirit Sash 1,900g Waist
Hir'eek Hide Cuffs 1,900g Wrist
Torga Scale Boots 1,900g Feet
Zul'jan Camp Gauntlets 1,900g Hands
 [Reins of the Expedition Bloodswarmer] 12,500g Mount
 [Talanji's Expedition Tabard] 625g Tabard
Paragon [[]] Special


Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
  • Work Order: Aromatic Pollen Activequest



We don't have much in de way of supplies, but I can spare you a few things. If you help us out, I can probably see about getting you some of de good stuff.

Buy Let me browse your goods.

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