Puddle Stomping

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AlliancePuddle Stomping
Start Kelsey Steelspark
End Kelsey Steelspark
Level 45 (Requires 43)
Experience 5540
Rewards 65s (+33s at max level)
Shareable Yes


Kill 8 Tidal Striders.


There's a big problem here! It's great that the ocean came in so far, because now ships can get to Gadgetzan. But now there's a bunch of nasty old sea giants encroaching on the town! I'm sure Mister Noggenfogger would appreciate us taking care of them for him.

Don't worry, I won't ask you to do it just out of the goodness of your heart! Take care of them and I'll give you a reward!


You will receive: 65s (+33s at max level)


Oh, it's going to be so much nicer around here now that they're gone!

At least until more show up. But thank you!


  1. Breadcrumbs:B [43] Tanaris is Calling, A [45] Hero's Call: Tanaris!, H [45] Warchief's Command: Tanaris!
  2. B [45] Rocket Rescue

Butcherbot Quests:

  1. N [45] Butcherbot
  2. N [45] Scavengers Scavenged
  3. N [45] Blisterpaw Butchery

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