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A combat role where a player uses a ranged attack to pull a single or as few as possible mobs to the party to attack. This is done using abilities that lower aggro range such as [Mind Soothe] and Soothe Animal and methods to disengage from combat if too many mob's are pulled via abilities such as [Vanish] and [Feign Death]. Occasionally pulling will be done by a class with CC abilities by applying crowd control to a single mob in a group that has yet to attack, which will effectively pull every other mob in the group but ensure at least one mob is CC before it can do any damage. Since the more powerful CC classes also tend to have lower survivability (such as a mage using [Polymorph]) caution or careful coordination with another puller should be taken when attempting this tactic.

The best puller would be the one who knows how to select the most vulnerable and isolated mobs, is capable of making the pull appropriately (bearing in mind timing) and can prevent adds while doing it. The puller does not necessarily have to be the tank. The hunter was designed as the idealized puller, possessing tracking and assorted other talents allowing them to know the location of nearby mobs prior to attempting pull, strong range attack, ability to [Feign Death] to disengage if too many are pulled, both [Feign Death] and [Misdirection] allow for quick passing of aggro to the main tank after pull. Despite the pulling potential of hunters and other classes many parties, especially during lower levels, will not want to wait for the slower (and safer) pulling methods and will simply have their tank pull. For a detailed discussion of pulling (and who should pull), see Instance Grouping Guide Puller.