NeutralPunting Season
Start Mylune [27.1, 62.0]
End Automatic
Level 35
Type Daily
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 52050
Reputation +150 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards [Mark of the World Tree] x1
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [35] The Sanctuary Must Not Fall
Next N [35 Daily] Echoes of Nemesis


Punt 5 Children of Tortolla into water.


Baby turtles can be sweet, even if they can be somewhat bitey.

<Mylune holds up a bandaged finger.>

But they're so slow with their tiny little legs, they can't escape the fire creatures who are attacking Hyjal!

<Mylune claps her hands together.>

PLEASE save them, <name>! Pick up the wee turtles and punt them into the water of the Ashen Lake. Don't worry about the kicking, they have hard shells.

They also have hard teeth, so don't pick them up by the mouth.


You will receive: [Mark of the World Tree] x1


So may tiny animals. And only so many hugs to give!


"Poor little shelly-shells..."

<Mylune's voice echoes in your head, along with an unwanted image of playful kittens.>

You saved the wee turtles, <name>! I hope you gently, lovingly kicked them as hard as you possibly could.


You will receive:


Head northwest from base to see Children of Tortolla being tormented by Flame Terrors. Kill the nearby hostiles and snag the child. Players will be put in a vehicle with two abilities:

  1. Punt Turtle — Punt the Child of Tortolla. 
  2. Drop Turtle — Put the Child of Tortolla back on the ground. 

This will cause permanent player pets to DESPAWN, and they do not respawn after the turtle is released. Plan accordingly for this!

Run to get a better shot at the Ashen Lake and then punt the turtle. The turtle must land in the water or it will not count.

The quest will complete automatically after the fifth turtle lands in the water.

Do note that the turtles have some considerable "hang time." Once you've punted the fifth turtle you'll have 10 seconds or so before quest complete. It's safe to start flying back as soon as you've punted.

The Phrase "save the wee turtles" is a pop culture reference to a line from Groundskeeper Willie in the Simpsons.

While doing the quest, you can target one of the fire elementals with the punted turtle as a step for the achievement  [And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor].


Optional breadcrumbs: B [35] Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients & B [35] Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion!

  1. N [35] Opening the Door
  2. N [35] A Ritual of Flame
  3. N [35] To the Sanctuary!
  4. N [35] Caught Unawares
  5. N [35] The Sanctuary Must Not Fall
  6. Dailies open up:
  7. N [35] Calling for Reinforcements (requires [Mark of the World Tree] x20)

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