NeutralPure Evil
Start Captain Rupert
End Eitrigg
Level 20-30
Category Zul'Drak
Experience 21150
Reputation +250 Argent Crusade
Rewards  [Soothsayer's Shoulderpads],  [Gloves of Swift Death],  [Boots of the Altar],  [Ritualistic Band of Light]
6g 20s
Previous N [20-30] Skimmer Spinnerets


Captain Rupert has asked you to collect 10 Chunks of Saronite and deliver them to Eitrigg at The Argent Stand.


We know that Kolramas, the crashed necropolis to the southeast, was carrying a large amount of an ore known as saronite when the trolls shot it down.

My scouts tell me that much of the saronite is strewn about within the innards of that thing.

Eitrigg and his friends back at The Argent Stand want a bunch of the stuff so that they can study it.

I want you to head in there and see if you can collect enough for them.


You will be allowed to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 79.png [Soothsayer's Shoulderpads] Inv gauntlets 05.png [Gloves of Swift Death]
Inv boots plate 02.png [Boots of the Altar] Inv jewelry ring 56.png [Ritualistic Band of Light]

You will also receive: 6g 20s


Yes, <class>?

Please tell me that you have the saronite that we requested Captain Rupert to acquire?


Can you not feel the pure evil of the stuff?

We must use the expertise and magics at our disposal, combined with the power of the Holy Light, to pierce the veil of iniquity surrounding this tainted ore. We must determine its origins.

Quickly, hand the saronite to me!


On completion:

The avenger snorts, clearly unimpressed.
Eitrigg walks over to the brazier and puts down the ore sample.
Eitrigg says: Now we will see why this ore is so important to the Scourge.
Eitrigg says: Korfax, what can you tell from this saronite?
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Saronite you say?
Korfax walks over.
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Never heard of it. Looks like pure evil.
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Let's see how it holds up to the might of my axe!
Korfax takes a few swings, but his reaper bounces right off.
Crusade Commander Korfax says: What the? My reaper didn't even scratch it! That's the toughest ore I've ever seen!
Avenger Metz rolls his eyes.
Eitrigg says: Rayne, Rimblat, what about the power of nature and the elements?
Rimblat Earthshatter says: Let us see if it is truly impervious.
Rimblat and Rayne cast a shaman and druid spell on the saronite.
Rayne says: By the Goddess. It's as if Nature can't touch it!
Rimblat Earthshatter says: Nothing.
Avenger Metz says: No surprise there.
Eitrigg says: Metz?
Avenger Metz says: What?
Eitrigg says: You know what.
Avenger Metz says: Fine. Just remember, though. The power of the Holy Light isn't something to be invoked casually, brother.
Metz casts [Hammer of Wrath] on the ore.
Avenger Metz says: What's it doing?!
The assembled party and many npcs nearby get knocked flat by an explosion of some sort.
Avenger Metz says: Woah!
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Oof!
Rayne says: Gah!
Eitrigg dusts himself off.
Eitrigg says: Clearly this is getting us nowhere. We need to get this saronite to Highlord Fordring for further study.
Eitrigg says: Thank you for trying, my friends. We'll unlock its secrets. Hopefully before it's too late.
Avenger Metz grunts.

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