Purge (war)

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For the shaman spell, see [Purge].
Location Krasarang Wilds, Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Result Saurok independence established; mogu empire left in disarray following the murder of Dojan II
Commanders and leaders

Mogu empire


Saurok rebels

  • Unknown
Casualties and losses

Mogu empire

  • Heavy

Saurok rebels

  • Unknown
Previous Aqir and Troll War
Next Pandaren revolution

The great Purge[1] was an event in the history of the mogu empire when the mogu attempted to eradicate their creations, the saurok, who had rebelled against their masters.

The saurok were originally dispatched to maintain order in the far edges of the mogu empire. A sauroken culture of superiority and hatred for weakness developed, fueled by the ego of their mogu masters. Soon, saurok guards began to plunder the very people they were supposed to police. They grew disobedient, turning on their own mogu commanders whenever they were displeased with the spoils of war. Emperor Dojan responded in the traditional mogu way: the souls were ripped from every living saurok in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and he demanded the same fate for the legions still in the field. So began the great Purge.[2]

Defiant to the last, the saurok stood their ground against the mogu in the swamps of Krasarang. It was here they had a fighting chance, drawing the imperial forces deeper in to unfamiliar territory. The mogu death toll began to climb as the rebels poisoned water supplies and sabotaged structures. In his fury, the Emperor Dojan continued to send troops, slaves, and weapons to Krasarang in an effort to eradicate what remained of the saurok. They were never successful.[3]

Even by mogu standards, the reign of Emperor Dojan II was short and brutish. His maniacal drive to finish his father's work and complete the Great Purge against the rebellious saurok legions drove him to leave his court in disarray while he set out on a doomed military campaign. From his perch high on the cliffs overlooking the Krasarang Wilds he oversaw the slow clear-cutting of the jungle, the establishment of Dojanni Dungeons, and the gradual genocide of the saurok race. What he didn't expect was for the remains of the saurok fifth and seventh legions to scale the enormity of the cliffs in the dead of night, ambushing his imperial pavilion from the Valley of the Four Winds and forcing him over the edge. His body was never found, and the resulting disarray in the capitol left the empire in chaos for over two years while the saurok melted back into the wilds and disappeared...[4]