Purge the Totems (Horde)

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HordePurge the Totems
Start Bo
End Bo
Level 6 (Requires 6)
Category Exile's Reach
Rewards  [Expeditionary Cloth Cord],
 [Expeditionary Leather Belt],
 [Expeditionary Mail Waistguard],
or  [Expeditionary Plate Girdle]
Previous H [6] The Harpy Problem
Next H [6] Message to Base
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [6] Purge the Totems.


Harpy Totem
"These totems are empowering the harpies. They must be destroyed!"

Set fire to 5 Harpy Totems.


The harpies have placed vile totems throughout the area to attain more power.

We must destroy those totems in order to debilitate our foes.

Take this torch and burn any totems you see. It is wise to weaken one's enemy before the fight even begins.


You will receive one of these rewards:
Ivn belt cloth warfrontshorde b 01.png [Expeditionary Cloth Cord] Inv buckle leather warfrontshorde b 01.png [Expeditionary Leather Belt]
Inv belt mail warfrontshorde b 01.png [Expeditionary Mail Waistguard] Inv plate belt warfrontshorde b 01.png [Expeditionary Plate Girdle]

You will also receive:


The totems are not particularly powerful. A simple light and tinder should do.


The harpies grow weaker with their totems destroyed. Let us hope they realize that the Horde is a force to be reckoned with.



All three quests accepted
Shuja Grimaxe says: I'll cut a path straight through these harpies.
Bo says: Count me in!
Both run into the Harpy Roost.

Beta description

The harpies have vile totems throughout the area.

They use these totems to increase their power. If they are against us, then we must destroy these totems.

Take this torch and burn any totem you see. We must weaken our foe if we are to achieve victory against them.


  1. H [1] Warming Up
  2. H [1] Stand Your Ground
  3. H [1] Brace for Impact
  4. H [1] Murloc Mania
  5. H [1] Emergency First Aid
  6. H [1] Finding the Lost Expedition
  7. H [1] Cooking Meat
  8. Classes besides hunter: H [1] Enhanced Combat Tactics or H Monk [1] Enhanced Combat Tactics
  9. H [1] Northbound
  10. Hunter: H Hunter [1] Taming the Wilds
  11. H [1] Down with the Quilboar & H [1] Forbidden Quilboar Necromancy
  12. H [1] The Choppy Booster Mk 5
  13. H [1] Re-sizing the Situation
  14. H [1] The Re-Deather
  15. H [1] Stocking Up on Supplies
  16. Complete the following:
    1. H [6] The Harpy Problem
    2. H [6] Harpy Culling & H [6] Purge the Totems & H [6] The Rescue of Herbert Gloomburst
    3. H [6] Message to Base
    1. H [6] Westward Bound
    2. H [6] Who Lurks in the Pit
  17. H [7] To Darkmaul Citadel
  18. H [7] Right Beneath Their Eyes
  19. H [7] Controlling their Stones & H [7] Catapult Destruction & H [7] Like Ogres to the Slaughter
  20. H [7] Dungeon: Darkmaul Citadel
  21. H [7] An End to Beginnings

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