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Purified Protector

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AlliancePurified Protector
Image of Purified Protector
Gender Both
Race(s) Human, Draenei, Lightforged draenei
Level 25-50
Class Paladin
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Purified
Location Drustvar

Purified Protectors are human, draenei, and Lightforged draenei paladins located in Drustvar during the Faction Assaults.


  • Avenger's Shield - Hurls a holy shield at the enemy, dealing Holy damage, Dazing them and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects 2 total targets.
  • Blessing of Kings - Places a Blessing on the friendly target, increasing strength, agility, stamina, and intellect by 5% for 5 min.
  • Consecration - Consecrates the land beneath the caster, dealing Holy damage over 8 sec to enemies who enter the area.
  • Devotion Aura - Reduces Physical damage taken of nearby party members for 4 min.
  • Holy Shield - Increases chance to block by 30% for 10 sec and deals Holy damage for each attack blocked while active. Each block expends a charge. 3 charges.
  • Light Lockdown - Hurls a holy shield at the enemy, dealing Holy damage and stunning it.

Objective of


  • Close ranks! Protect the city!
  • Drustvar is doomed!
  • Hold the line!
  • It burns... everwhere[sic]!
  • Light preserve me!
  • This fight is hopeless!
  • This is not possible!
  • We are doomed!
  • Ah! It burns!
  • Ahhh!
  • Behind me, friends. I'll take care of this one!
  • By Light, be purged!
  • Darkness, begone!
  • Focus your attacks on the masks!
  • How are you different from the witches now, Tiki Army?
  • How should I taunt you, <race>? So many options.
  • I die... for others...
  • I see... only... darkness...
  • I'll never surrender!
  • I'm going to need a healer after this one.
  • I'm sorry... I wasn't... stronger...
  • It cannot be stopped!
  • Meet your end. I cannot let you continue.
  • My attacks do nothing!
  • My life... for the Alliance...
  • My shield... falls... for the Alliance...
  • My soul...
  • Stay away from the voodoo!
  • Take your best shot, <race>!
  • The Horde's no better than the coven!
  • The Light will purify Drustvar!
  • Those masks are evil!
  • You'll go no further! The Alliance protects this area.
  • What dark magic is this?

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