Inside the Purple Parlor.

The Purple Parlor seen from outside.

The Purple Parlor is an area high in one of the spires of the Violet Citadel in Dalaran. It houses several mages as well as a butler that sells food, drink, and alcoholic beverages. It includes a balcony with a view of Dalaran.

The parlor is accessible by a portal in the ground floor of the citadel; a portal in the parlor can return players back down.

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

After Dalaran moved to the Broken Isles, Revil Kost and Mardigan - the friend and son, respectively, of Karlain of the Council of Six - can be found here as well.

Following N [45] Away From Prying Eyes, the normal residents of the Purple Parlor are replaced by the Council of Six, sans Vargoth.



  • A subzone called "Violet Citadel Balcony" can be discovered outside the Purple Parlor, but it does not display on the minimap.
  • Prior to patch 4.0.3, players were not allowed to fly in Dalaran, except for in Krasus' Landing and on the balcony of the Purple Parlor.
  • In the Legion version of Dalaran, the portal to the Purple Parlor was removed. None of the NPCs have new dialogue and Mardigan does not have a worgen voice, rather, it is just a standard human one.