HordePursuing Terrorclaw
Start Zurjaya
End Zurjaya
Level 10-30
Category Zangarmarsh
Experience 10750 EXP (or 5g 16s at level 70)
Rewards  [Fearless Girdle],  [Fierce Mantle],  [Swamprunner's Boots], or  [Terrorcloth Mantle]
3g 10s


Kill Terrorclaw and return to Zurjaya at Zabra'jin.


I've caught every kind of fish that lives in the marsh, but there's one that eludes me. Sure, I've caught eels and mudfin frenzies. But the last time I was out on one of the islands in Marshlight Lake, I hooked a gigantic bogstrok that snapped my line and got away.

Terrorclaw, he's called, and I won't rest until he's dead. He's too big for any fisherman to catch, so I suppose we'll just have to kill him the old-fashioned way.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv belt 32.png [Fearless Girdle] Inv shoulder 21.png [Fierce Mantle]
Inv boots 04.png [Swamprunner's Boots] Inv shoulder 09.png [Terrorcloth Mantle]

You will also receive:


I take it Terrorclaw lives no more?


At last! They say every great fisherman has a story of "the one that got away," but I haven't yet met a creature I couldn't beat one way or another.

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