Putting It All Together

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NeutralPutting It All Together

Sef Iwen and the golem
Start Sef Iwen
End Sef Iwen
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Enchanting
Experience 22,300
Rewards Recipe: Iwen's Enchanting Rod (spell)
46g 80s
Previous N Enchanting [120] We're Going In


Assemble the golem for Sef Iwen.


Hmm... Everything seems untouched.

We can begin construction of my new body over here. Afterwards, I'll teach you how to make my enchanting rod.

<Sef smiles at you, beaming with joy.>


You will learn the following: Recipe: Iwen's Enchanting Rod

You will also receive:

  • 46g 80s
  • 22,300 XP


This has been a long time coming.


<Sef looks at you, distressed and heartbroken.>

I'm... We could try again, but... I think this is a sign... You seem more than capable of defending those who need it. Maybe it's time for me to move on.

<Sef's frown turns into a half smile.>

I'm eternally grateful for what you did. I may not have a body, but because of you, I don't need one anymore.

Before I go, let me show you how I made my enchanting rod.


Quest accept
Sef Iwen says: I'm so excited! Let's get started!
Sef Iwen says: First, you need to arrange the wood in a humanoid form.
Wood placed
Sef Iwen says: Now you'll need to bind the limbs together with the webbing.
Spider silk placed
Sef Iwen says: Place the runic power core at the heart of the golem.
Core placed
Sef Iwen says: Lastly, you must perform the ritual of binding.
Golem assembled
Sef Iwen says: It worked! I knew you could do it!
Sef Iwen says: Finally, for me to assume control of the golem.
Sef Iwen says: Eh? Something is wrong...
Animated Golem says: You...
Animated Golem says: killed us... captured us... sought to use us as fuel...
Animated Golem says: WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE!
Sef Iwen says: The souls in the power core are controlling the golem! You need to destroy it!
Animated Golem slain
Sef Iwen says: Is it... Did you destroy it?
Quest completion
Sef Iwen says: Farewell, friend.


  1. B Enchanting [120] What the Drust Knew
  2. N Enchanting [120] A Voice on the Wind
  3. N Enchanting [120] Pick Up Sticks
  4. N Enchanting [120] The Sixth Sense
  5. N Enchanting [120] Exhumed
  6. N Enchanting [120] The Threads That Bind
  7. N Enchanting [120] The Beat Goes On
  8. N Enchanting [120] We're Going In
  9. N Enchanting [120] Putting It All Together

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