Start Deldren Ravenelm [66.1, 64.0]
End Deldren Ravenelm [66.1, 64.0]
Level 35
Type Daily
Category Firelands Invasion
Experience 69400
Reputation +250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards [Mark of the World Tree] x2
9g 40s
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [35 Daily] The Forlorn Spire


Kill 8 Cinderweb Spinners or Cinderweb Creepers.

  • Cinderweb spider slain x8


We've fought hard to secure this area, but our foothold is tenuous.

Our scouts report that the area around us is teeming with vicious fire spiders. They are the spawn of the vicious brood widow, Beth'tilac.

Help us hold our line by clearing the area of Cinderweb Spinners or Cinderweb Creepers. It will drive her mad to see her children slain.


You will receive: [Mark of the World Tree] x2 and 9g 40s


We cannot move the battle forward until we've cleared the area of Beth'tilac's vile spawn.


Wonderful! The more spiders we clear out, the easier it will be to push forward.


You will receive:


Pick up the other dailies at the Forlorn Spire before heading out. While out and about, kill a Druid of the Flame and it will drop a  [Dried Acorn] on the ground. It starts N [35] The Mysterious Seed.

Cinderweb Creepers are yellow level 85 fire spiders with 77,490 health and the following ability outside of basic melee:

  • Flame Injection 20 yd range — Burns the target, causing 9655 poison damage over 15 sec. 3 sec cast. Uninterruptible. Initial hit ~1500 Fire, 1500 Fire ticks every 2.5 sec for 15 sec.

Cinderweb Spinners are red level 85 fire spiders with 58,118 health and the following ability outside of basic melee:

  • Entangling Net 100 yd range — Launch a sticky spider filament to an enemy target, then pull that target to your location. 2 sec cast. Uninterruptible. Also hits for ~7000 Fire and stuns for 3 seconds.


Prerequisite: N [35] The Shadow Wardens

  1. N [35] The Hunt Begins -- unlocks a daily quest chain:
  2. N [35 Daily] The Forlorn Spire
  3. Three dailies from the following at the Forlorn Spire. Additionally, kill a Druid of the Flame to pick up N [35] The Mysterious Seed, which starts a short sidequest.
  4. N [35 Daily] Enduring the Heat
  5. N [35 Daily] Strike at the Heart (unlocked by N [35] Calling the Ancients)
  6. N [35 Daily] Fandral's Methods -or- N [35 Daily] The Flame Spider Queen (unlocked by N [35] Need... Water... Badly...)

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