NeutralPyxni Pennypocket
Image of Pyxni Pennypocket
Title Gladiator Supplies,
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 35-40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Steamwheedle Cartel
Occupation Vendor
Location Lunarfall, Shadowmoon Valley
Status Alive

Pyxni Pennypocket is a goblin located in the Ring of Trials as a vendor for Gladiator Supplies.

She also appears in the Lunarfall in Shadowmoon Valley and Frostwall in Frostfire Ridge as a Trader in Trading Post.



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Inv fishing innards meat gulper.png [Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh]
Inv ore blackrock ore.png [Blackrock Ore]
Inv fishing innards meat whiptail.png [Blackwater Whiptail Flesh]
Inv fishing innards meat sturgeon.png [Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh]
Inv misc bag 10 red.png [Bloody Gold Purse]
Inv fishing innards meat saberfish.png [Crescent Saberfish Flesh]
Inv enchanting wod dust3.png [Draenic Dust]
Inv fishing innards meat sleeper.png [Fat Sleeper Flesh]
Inv fishing innards meat ammonite.png [Fire Ammonite Tentacle]
Inv misc herb fireweed.png [Fireweed]
Inv misc herb frostweed.png [Frostweed]
Inv misc herb flytrap.png [Gorgrond Flytrap]
Inv fishing innards meat skulker.png [Jawless Skulker Flesh]
Inv misc herb arrowbloom.png [Nagrand Arrowbloom]
Inv misc nativebeastskin.png [Raw Beast Hide]
Inv misc food draenor rawtalkbukflesh.png [Raw Boar Meat]
Inv misc food draenor rawclefthoofflesh.png [Raw Clefthoof Meat]
Inv misc food draenor rawelekflesh.png [Raw Elekk Meat]
Inv misc food draenor rawriverbeastflesh.png [Raw Riverbeast Meat]
Inv misc food draenor rawboarflesh.png [Raw Talbuk Meat]
Inv misc food draenor rawrylakegg.png [Rylak Egg]
Inv fishing innards meat seascorpion.png [Sea Scorpion Segment]
Inv misc herb starflower.png [Starflower]
Inv misc nativebeastfur.png [Sumptuous Fur]
Inv misc herb taladororchid.png [Talador Orchid]
Inv ore trueironore.png [True Iron Ore]


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The Ring of Trials is the perfect place to make some cash!

  • Find out what happened to that trade shipment, <name>. I'll make it worth your while!
  • Those saberon are going to pay what they owe!
  • You lookin' to fight in the arena? I've got everything you need under one roof!

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