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Image of Qadarin
Gender Male
Race Soulshape (Humanoid)
Level 60
Class Druid
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Star Lake Amphitheater, Ardenweald
Relative(s) Thiernax (husband)

Qadarin is a soulshape located at Star Lake Amphitheater, the Heart of the Forest, and other locations in Ardenweald. He is the husband of Thiernax, the former Night Warrior of the planet Fyzandi. During the [Night Fae Campaign], he and his husband are tracked down by the spirit of Huln Highmountain and an adventurer who seek knowledge of the Night Warrior to help Tyrande Whisperwind. He is cursed by a spriggan[1] with the Curse of [Soul Rot].[2] but is eventually saved and joins the Night Fae as an adventure companion.


Objective of


On click


  • Hail, Hero of Azeroth!
  • The weald owes you a great debt.
  • You seek knowledge of the Night Warrior?


  • I wish you the best, my friend.
  • Protect that which you hold dear.
  • Regret nothing done out of love.


Heart of the Forest

Peaceful night to you.

Gossip Where did you come from?

My world was called Fyzandi. It was a beautiful world of vast forests, mighty mountains and tranquil plains. It was for these wilds we fought against the Dark God.
Gossip A dark god?
Yes. Some generations before I was born, the Dark God landed on our world. The impact wiped out an entire kingdom and disrupted the balance of Nature. No one who ventured into the area returned from the wasteland. We druids kept an eye on the borders but we did not anticipate what would come.
Gossip What came for you?
Monsters. Creatures with too many eyes, too many limbs and too many hunger mouths. They swept across the world when my great-grandparents were children. Thus the Endless War began. Entire generations spent their lives holding against the Others and their madness. It was my mother who discovered the nature of what lived in the center of the crater. To slay the being from another world, she tried to invoke Elune's dark face. She died.
Gossip But you won, didn't you?
Eventually. Thiernax was successful in becoming the Night Warrior. I fought beside him and the other champions of Fyzandi to the end. We won, but at a terrible cost. The armies of madness killed many while we were away, then scattered when the Dark One died. Some of our people succumbed to the whispers. They disappeared or went mad. We lost friends. Family. The god bled. It will take many generations to cleanse the sickness from our world. If it can ever be.

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