Image of Quagmirran
Gender Male
Race Fungal giant (Giant)
Level 64-82 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Slave Pens, Coilfang Reservoir
Status Killable


Third and final boss of The Slave Pens in Coilfang Reservoir, Quagmirran is a fungal giant; an ancient bog lord who has presumably resided for a great length of time within the natural cave systems that the Coilfang naga appropriated as their domain. He along with Rokmar the Crackler resided in the caverns for many years until the arrival of the naga where they were enslaved.


Quagmirran along with Rokmar the Crackler were two very powerful beings that resided within the Serpentshrine, alongside their brethren, before the Naga arrived. The two giants were targeted by the Naga and enslaved, then later used to subjugate various other natural races under the Naga's control. Following their enslavement and usage their wills were broken and are both too far gone to save, Adventurers are sent to slay both Rokmar and Quagmirran by Watcher Jhang.[1]

Prior to his enslavement, He and Hungarfen, another fungal giant, ruled jointly and peacefully over their kin. With his enslavement and later his death, Hungarfen was left to rule alone, Which has thrown the Underbog into somewhat of a chaotic state. He is later put down by request of Naturalist Bite, so that the naga cannot enslave him to subjugate even more under their rule.

Adventure Guide

Quagmirran was once a ruler of Zangarmarsh's immense fungal giants. He was captured by the naga while wandering the region's serpentine caverns and subjected to excruciating torture. Now this broken being serves his overlords without question, silencing all who oppose the will of Lady Vashj.


  • Spell nature corrosivebreath.png  Poison Bolt Volley — Quagmirran poisons all nearby players, inflicting 1444 to 1856 Nature damage, then additional Nature damage every 2 sec. for 6 sec.
  • Spell fire felcano.png  Acid Spray — Quagmirran fires a volley of poison at a player for 8 sec, inflicting Nature damage to all players in front of Quagmirran.
  • Inv gauntlets 05.png  Uppercut — Quagmirran uppercuts a player, inflicting Physical damage and knocking them back.
  • Ability warrior cleave.png  Cleave — Quagmirran cleaves, inflicting Physical damage to a player and their nearest allies.


Prior to engaging this boss remember to unlock and free Naturalist Bite in the cage in the room you are in. When you free him, 3 naga will spawn; make sure you are ready for them. After freeing him you can talk to him and he will buff you with a 30 minute "Mark of the Bite" which grants you 110 Nature Resistance and +5% on all stats. This will help with the Poison DoT and his AoE as they both are Nature based.

The fight is primarily a tank and spank fight, with healers concentrating on healing the tank and cleansing the dot from the poison bolt volley.

Heroic Mode

The strategy does not change between normal and heroic, though more care to survival should be taken due to the extra damage.

  • You should at all costs try to keep Bite alive, that NPC that gives your group a nature resist buff. This makes the fight a bit less difficult as you will be resisting (partially or fully) the poison damage. When freeing Bite, it is recommended to have all players stand in the tunnel where the adds spawn and keep the adds far enough from Bite for Bite to not enter combat. When fighting Quagmirran, make sure ranged DPS stands nowhere near him or he will be killed by Quagmirran quite easily.
  • This guy hits fairly hard in melee, hitting an average geared tank for ~2.2k.
  • His Poison Bolt Volley has a very wide radius, ignores line of sight and is impossible to avoid.
  • He has a very nasty (~5.5k on leather) frontal cleave. Melee DPS should be extremely cautious not to stand in front of him at any time. At the same time, melee DPS should be careful not to stand -behind- Quagmirran and -between- Quagmirran and ranged DPS/healer to avoid the acid geyser spilling on the rest of the party.
  • If a party member repeatedly dies during Acid Geyser, they need more health. The tank will not be able to pull Quagmirran off them after Acid Geyser is done if taunt is blown, used trying to save them.
  • Make sure all ranged DPS spread out, since the Acid Geyser ability is an AoE attack. If your healers and ranged DPS stay close to each other than all will get hit with the AoE if one is targeted.
  • Poison dispelling is obviously very useful. :)
  • Instead of blowing a taunt to prevent Acid Geyser damaging a party member, if the tank times a taunt such that the taunt debuff doesn't wear off until after the Acid Geyser is finished, Quagmirran will not move and will remain on the tank.

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