Quan Tou Kuo

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This article is about the character. For the statue of him in the Krasarang Wilds, see Quan Tou Kuo the Two Fisted.
NeutralQuan Tou Kuo
Image of Quan Tou Kuo
Title The Two Fisted, Brewfather, Father of Dichotomy Dark and Pale Ale and the school of Balanced Inebriation[1]
Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Occupation Brewfather
Status Deceased

Quan Tou Kuo the Two Fisted was a pandaren brewfather. Seeking to migitate the negative side effects of strong beer without diminishing its virtues, he developed the perfect duality of brews: a two part system of drinking designed to result in a state of balanced inebriation. When imbibed in the proper ratios, the Pale Ale of Spirit and the Dark Stout of the Mind combine in the drinker's stomach to achieve a state of enlightenment and goodwill without the loss of judgment and self-control often experienced by less refined brews. Quan Tou Kuo's secrets have sadly been lost to time, but a matching set of ebony and jade drinking steins serve as a permanent reminder of his expertise.[1][2]

A statue of Quan Tou Kuo is located east of Zhu's Watch in the Krasarang Wilds. The Two Fisted Brew, an inn at the Grummle Bazaar, is named after the brewfather and contains a statue of him.


  • The statue "Quan Tou Kuo the Two Fisted" spells Quan Tou Kuo's title without a hyphen ("Two Fisted"), while the  [Twin Stein Set] spells it with a hyphen ("Two-Fisted").
  • The statue names the second part of the brewfather's two part drinking system as the "Dark Ale of the Mind", while the Twin Stein Set instead refers to it as a stout.

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