Quartermaster Dekrok

Horde 32.pngQuartermaster Dekrok
Quartermaster Dekrok.jpg
Image of Quartermaster Dekrok
Title <General Goods>
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 15-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dark Portal, Blasted Lands
Status Unknown

Quartermaster Dekrok is an orc general goods vendor found at the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands.

He's quite peculiar, having the red skin of a fel orc, a look shared by some Horde Portal-Sentries. It's unclear if this means that they are fel orcs who have joined the New Horde or if their appearance is a developer mistake.

It's unknown if he survived the Ironmarch.


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Inv misc food 14.png [Cured Ham Steak]
20 Silver.png
Inv misc food 18.png [Haunch of Meat]
1 Silver.png 25 Copper.png
Inv misc bag 10.png [Heavy Brown Bag]
2 Gold.png
Inv misc bag 10.png [Huge Brown Sack]
10 Gold.png
Inv drink milk 01.png [Ice Cold Milk]
1 Silver.png 25 Copper.png
Inv drink 09.png [Melon Juice]
5 Silver.png
Inv misc food 08.png [Moist Cornbread]
5 Silver.png
Inv drink 02.png [Moonberry Juice]
20 Silver.png
Inv potion 01.png [Morning Glory Dew]
40 Silver.png
Inv misc food 14.png [Mutton Chop]
5 Silver.png
Inv drink 07.png [Refreshing Spring Water]
25 Copper.png
Inv misc food 15.png [Roasted Quail]
40 Silver.png
Inv tradeskillitem 01.png [Simple Wood]
38 Copper.png
Inv misc food 09.png [Soft Banana Bread]
20 Silver.png
Inv drink 12.png [Sweet Nectar]
10 Silver.png
Inv misc food 16.png [Tough Jerky]
25 Copper.png
Inv misc food 13.png [Wild Hog Shank]
10 Silver.png


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

It's possible that the radiation from the Dark Portal altered his skintone, or Dekrok is one of the forcibly corrupted fel orcs under Illidan freed by the Horde.

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