For the quest, see N [60] The Queen's Conservatory.

Queen's Conservatory map

The Queen's Conservatory at Tier 5.

The Queen's Conservatory in Ardenweald is a celestial garden which can be accessed only to members of the Night Fae Covenant, here Night Fae will harness the power of rebirth that flows through Ardenweald to help the souls of ancient deities to return to life. It was a rarely used grove for Wild Gods who were wounded upon their demise, and needed special care before being reborn, but its survival is critical to the cycle.[1]

During adventures in the Shadowlands, adventurers will come across the preserved souls of celestial spirits from across the cosmos. Within the Queen’s Conservatory adventurers will find the power to aid in restoring those souls to their former glory.

To restore souls adventures will work with the Queen’s Warden to nurture the ancient souls back to strength using the magic of the Wildseeds of Ardenweald. Inside the garden of the Queen’s Conservatory adventures will have access to two types of plots—the Wildseed Pods themselves, and Catalyst Plots. Adventures can plant different catalysts in the plots connected to each Wildseed to infuse that seed with extra strength. Each type of catalyst will provide a different type of bonus to the regrowth process. One catalyst might reduce the incubation time required to restore a soul, while others may influence the amount or quality of the reward cache adventures receive from each restored soul. For once restored to their full strength, the restored deity will show their gratitude with a reward cache, which can contain anything from resources to special cosmetics, such as pets and mounts. Managing the various Wildseeds and plots allows adventures to try to maximize the efficiency of the garden. Learning the best ways to use and place their catalysts will be the key to unlocking the true potential of the Queen’s Conservatory.[2]

Notes and trivia

  • The restored Legendary spirits are the same for all
  • Lia the Curious's quests grant three petable animals for the area:
    • Frosty, a frost wolf puppy, near other dead frost wolves next to an ogre[3]
    • Hoawh, a yak calf, killed when the Alliance and Horde raided Pandaria[4]
    • The Fisher King, a crane chick, that Lia implies was meant to be a Wild God[5]
  • During early development, the subzone was named Ardenweald Garden.
  • Only one celestial tree is visible to the southeast of the garden, and the garden is almost level with the branches. As Tirna Achiad is the tallest tree in Ardenweald, this likely places the grove in the sky to the northwest of the Heart.
Tier 3 upgrade complete
Warden Casad says: Anima blooms within the garden. Though only a sapling, your boughs support and shade us all.

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