This article is about Azshara's pre-War of the Ancients guard. For the naga guard, see Azshara's Royal Guard. For other Royal Guards, see Royal Guard.
NeutralQueen's Royal Guard
Main leader IconSmall Azshara.gif Queen Azshara
Secondary leaders IconSmall Varo'then.gif Varo'then
Race(s) Night elfNight elf Night elf
Character classes Mage
Capital Zin-Azshari
Base of operations Azshara's Palace
Affiliation Highborne, Kaldorei Empire, Burning Legion

The Queen's Royal Guard, also called the Keepers of Eternity,[1] the Queen's Guard,[2] or simply the Guard,[3] was Queen Azshara's personal and elite guard before the Great Sundering, led by Varo'then.[4] They appear in the Well of Eternity dungeon instance.

During the War of the Ancients, when demons arrived to the palace, they took over the chambers of the Highborne sorcerers and the mages moved to the chambers of the officers of the guard. Captain Varo'then had willingly offered them up to the spellcasters, including Peroth'arn who could have sworn that the soldier had done so with a slight wry smile. Varo'then and his underlings were used to a more spartan existence and Peroth'arn suspected that they enjoyed the discomfort.

To the rest of the Highborne, the captain and his soldiers were a necessary evil. They were servants of the queen, but they lacked the noble blood and flamboyant airs of the others. Most of the Highborne considered them no better than those who had once lived beyond the walls of the palace. Captain Varo'then had ways of quietly dealing with those who showed him contempt.[5]

Varo'then and his guards were often see in presence of the demons, getting rid of the bodies of night elf prisoners.[6] The soldiers also accompanied Azshara out of Zin-Azshari when she saw the land devastated.[7]


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