For her Well of Eternity tactics, see Queen Azshara (tactics). For her biography, see Queen Azshara.
BossQueen Azshara
Image of Queen Azshara
Gender Female
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Last Prison, Eternal Palace

Queen Azshara is the last boss of the Eternal Palace raid. She is found outside the palace in a titan dome known as the Last Prison.

Adventure Journal

Queen of the Naga, Empress of Nazjatar, and one of the most powerful entities Azeroth has ever known, Azshara has plotted and schemed for millennia in preparation for this fateful moment. Now, with all the pieces in place, the time has finally come to reveal her end game.


Queen Azshara will use all of the forces at her command to disable the Ancient Wards keeping you alive while attempting to override the Titan device keeping N'Zoth imprisoned.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Powering up Ancient Wards or draining Azshara's Ward of Power drains the player.
  • Make sure your healers have line of sight to you!
  • Make sure that Charged Spear does not impact any surface inside the playspace; but passes through any Crystalline Shields.
  • Hide from Azshara to reset stacks of Arcane Vulnerability, or to avoid the damage of Arcane Detonation.
  • Hide from your allies and Azshara when afflicted with Arcane Burst.
  • Overzealous Hulks will Drain your Ancient Wards
  • Azshara's Devoted and Indomitable will Sacrifice themselves to the Ward of Power.

Healer Alert Healers

  • Powering up Ancient Wards or draining Azshara's Ward of Power drains the player.
  • Coordinate your positioning to make sure you have line of sight to your allies.
  • Hide from Azshara to reset stacks of Arcane Vulnerability, or to avoid the damage of Arcane Detonation.
  • Hide from your allies and Azshara when afflicted with Arcane Burst.
  • Coordinate the rate at which players attempt to Release charges from the Titan Console before a Massive Energy Spike.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Powering up Ancient Wards or draining Azshara's Ward of Power drains the player.
  • Make sure your healers have line of sight to you!
  • Coordinate the lovers' line of sight to each other with every cast of Longing or Painful Memories.
  • Move Azshara to keep her from Draining your Ancient Wards or Energizing the Ward of Power too much.
  • Hide from Azshara to reset stacks of Arcane Vulnerability, or to avoid the damage of Arcane Detonation.


Queen Azshara yells: At last! The final preparations are in place, and we have a captive audiance.
Jaina Proudmoore yells: Stay vigilant champions. Azshara conceals schemes within schemes. She wants something.
Queen Azshara yells: You must indulge the theatrical nature of tonight's entertainment. We have waited so very long for this moment, and we simply cannot resist savoring it.
Queen Azshara yells: Without further ado... The stage is set, the hour is at hand. Legions arise! Serve your queen's command!
Queen Azshara yells: I call the cursed loves to enter the stage!
Queen Azshara yells: Their eyes long for one another, yet their gaze incurs calamity.
Drain Ancient Ward
Queen Azshara yells: There is no power I cannot defile!
Queen Azshara yells: You are mine!
Queen Azshara yells: Kneel before your queen!
Queen Azshara yells: Gaze upon my beauty, and depair!
Arcane Orbs
Queen Azshara yells: You've grown complacent. Allow me to liven the field.
Painful Memories
Aethanel yells: Cyranus! Begone from my gaze!
Cyranus yells: Leave my ken, Aethenel!
Aethenel yells: I cannot stand to look at you, Cyranus!
Cyranus yells: Aethenel, I hope to never glance at you again!
Cyranus yells: Aethenel, I need you! Show yourself!
Aethenel yells: Where are you, my beloved?!
Cyranus yells: Your visage soothes me, Aethenel!
Cyranus yells: Where are you my love?! I must see you now!
Aethenel dies
Aethenel yells: My heart... is finally... free...
Cyranus yells: My... torment... has ended...
Cyranus dies
Cyranus yells: My... torment... has ended...
Stage Two
Queen Azshara yells: I draw this ward with devoted blood!
Queen Azshara yells: Given willingly from a champion's frozen heart!
Divide and Conquer
Queen Azshara yells: How can you win, if you stand divided?
Reversal of Fortune
Queen Azshara yells: The wards bend to my will!
Queen Azshara yells: The wards obey my command!
Arcane Burst
Queen Azshara yells: Another heart soon to be broken!
Arcane Detonation
Queen Azshara yells: Arcane destruction!
Queen Azshara yells: The merest taste of my power!
Stage Three: Song of the Tides
Queen Azshara yells: From darkness, sirens come forth!
Queen Azshara yells: Coax the power from these ancient wards! Rattle the chains that bind him!
First Arcanist Thalyssra yells: Stars save us... Azshara is drawing upon the Heart of Azeroth! Feeding its energies into her ritual!
Queen Azshara yells: You've only just come to this realization? "First Arcanist" indeed!
Shandris Feathermoon yells: Champions, stop her!
Queen Azshara yells: You see the truth now, don't you, heroes? Every move you've made has been according to my will.
Queen Azshara yells: That lumbering dwarf believed you could save Azeroth by empowering your shiny little Heart. The gift of a sleeping titan.
Queen Azshara yells: Yes, a titan's heart was exactly what was needed. Not to heal the world... but to shatter the prison of a god.
Queen Azshara yells: Such delicious irony... the diamond king has been made a pawn.
Queen Azshara yells: The ritual nears completion. The Black Empire rises... and the world awaits its true queen.
Jaina Proudmoore yells: There will be no coronation this day.
Jaina Proudmoore yells: Thalyssra, aid me! Together we can hold her here!
First Arcanist Thalyssra yells: Now you will know what it means to be trapped, Azshara!
Queen Azshara yells: I am Azshara! I was destined to rule! No force can bind me!
Lor'themar Theron yells: Champions! Claim victory!
Stage Four: My Palace is a Prison
Queen Azshara yells: Lovers' hearts, split asunder.
Queen Azshara yells: Devoted blood, spilled freely upon the sand.
Queen Azshara yells: The song of the deep rings to call him forth!
Shortly after 2nd Overload cast
Queen Azshara yells: You caught me off guard. Fair enough. But you are as trapped here as I am. This need not be the end... for any of us.
Queen Azshara yells: I know your dreams... your lust for power. The hunger with which your pursue your desires.
Queen Azshara yells: Kneel before me, and I will bestow talents beyond your wildest imagination.
Queen Azshara yells: Refuse, and be crushed beneath the tides.
Queen Azshara yells: Choose your fate.
Queen Azshara yells: Guard your purity, heroes!
Piercing Gaze
Queen Azshara yells: N'Zoth! Let your wrath fall upon them!
Nether Portal
Queen Azshara yells: Corrupted hearts, heed my call!
Player's death
Queen Azshara yells: Unworthy of greatness!
Queen Azshara yells: I cannot abide weakness!
Queen Azshara yells: How disappointing!
Queen Azshara yells: He was wrong. You have proven yourselves unworthy.
Queen Azshara yells: You are all... beneath me...
Shandris Feathermoon yells: Once again your empire crumbles, Azshara. Your master will be disappointed by this failure.
Jaina Proumoore yells: She wanted us divided. Fighting each other kept us distracted from the true threat.
Lor'themar Theron yells: Azshara wasn't the only one manipulating us. I should have seen it sooner.
First Arcanist Thalyssra yells: Do not relax your guard. Something here is... stirring.


The player can do emotes at Azshara before the encounter started which bring different outcome with Queen's Disgust:[1]

  • /hug, /kiss, and /flirt - This will place floating hearts over your head, as well as mind control you.
  • /spit, /burp - Queen's Disgust - You will pace around randomly, spitting green spit that damages yourself and other players, as well as spawning pools of Filth on the ground.
  • /rude - Instead of instantly killing you, it will now stun you for 20 seconds, reduces all healing taken by 100% and makes you immune to all damage.
  • /angry - This will both mind control you and will also transform you into an Overzealous Hulk.
  • /nosepick - This will mind control you, slow move speed and transform you into a Plague Slime. moving on to other players gives them a Slime debuff, damaging them until they move away.
  • /fart - This will mind control you and transform you into a slow-moving Gas Cloud. Other players that enter the cloud will suffocate and take damage from the Noxious Gas.
  • /snub, /insult - This will turn you into a Shimmershell Snail, reducing movement speed as well. You will die if other players run over you, much like on High Tinker Mekkatorque.
  • /rasp - This will reduce your haste and also change your language to Shath'Yar. the language of the old gods.
  • /moon - This will disarm you, stripping to your underwear and reducing damage done, healing received and increases damage taken.
  • /gloat - This, much like Rude earlier in the instance, will instantly kill you.

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