AllianceQuel'Danil Lodge
Start Tracker Yoro
End Anchorite Traska
Level 10-30
Category Hinterlands
Experience 1550
Rewards 17s
Next A [10-30] In Defense of Quel'Danil & A [10-30] The Highvale Documents


Speak with Anchorite Traska at the Quel'Danil Lodge.


I may appear far from home to you, <class>, but quite a few of my people were led here by Ambassador Rualeth. We have settled with the high elves of the Quel'Danil Lodge, to the east, to train in the ways of the Light and enjoy the peaceful beauty of this land.

Such peace may be short lived. We have seen the Horde moving further west from here. Could you travel to Quel'Danil and give warning to Anchorite Traska? Her cabin is just north of the main lodge.


You will receive: 17s


Yoro sends warning of the Horde? The Highvale have been cautious of an attack for some time now. In fact, we have been —

<Screams and the clash of metal break out to the south.>

By the light... they are here!


The quests given by Fraggar Thundermantle and Doran Steelwing are required to be completed first, before this quest becomes available.

Upon completion of this quest, a large number of melee fights between Highvale Vindicators and Highvale Swiftblades on the Alliance side, and Deathstalker Invaders on the Horde side, will phase in.

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Aerie Peak

  1. A [10-30] Hero's Call: The Hinterlands!
  2. A [10-30] Razorbeak Friends & A [10-30] A Mangy Threat
  3. A [10-30] Out to the Front

Stormfeather Outpost

  1. A [10-30] The Wicked Revantusk & A [10-30] Gan'dranda
  2. A [10-30] Skulk Rock Clean-Up & A [10-30] Skulk Rock Supplies
  3. A [10-30] Down with the Vilebranch


  1. Complete all of the following:
  2. A [10-30] It's Ours Now & A [10-30] Hunt the Keeper A [10-30] Venomous Secrets
  3. A [10-30] Quel'Danil Lodge

Quel'Danil Lodge

  1. A [10-30] In Defense of Quel'Danil & A [10-30] The Highvale Documents

Proceeding to the common conclusion for both factions: the Shadra quest chain with A [10-30] The Eye of Shadra.

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