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Quel'Serrar is an ancient blade, forged by night elves and five dragonflights long ago and gifted to the kaldorei.[1] Its twin, Quel'Delar, was similarly gifted to the quel'dorei.[2] For thousands of years, Quel'Serrar has been kept in the care of the Shen'dralar Ancients, waiting for one capable of restoring the blade. The blade is now rumored to be borne by a new master.[1]

Although dated, it is rather rare to see an "original" Quel'Serrar, and is considered a testament to Classic Raiding.


Quel'Serrar is a quest reward from N [60R] The Forging of Quel'Serrar. The quest is started by using an item that drops from Dire Maul bosses, Inv misc book 11 [Nostro's Compendium of Dragon Slaying]. The droprate was so extremely low that it was considered impossible to farm for it. Since the book was not bind on pickup it could also be found in the Auction House. Only warriors and paladins are eligible for this quest.

The quest starts by handing in the book to Lorekeeper Lydros in the library of Dire Maul, who gives the player the Inv sword 47 [Unfired Ancient Blade]. The player must take this blade to Onyxia's Lair, and place it on the ground where it needs to be hit by one of Onyxia's Deep Breath attack. Once hit, the blade turns into a Inv sword 09 [Heated Ancient Blade], which can be picked up and stabbed into Onyxia's corpse once she has been slain to turn it into a Inv sword 28 [Treated Ancient Blade].

Returning this blade to the library in Dire Maul rewards the player with Quel'Serrar.



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