• Quill of Correspondence
  • Binds when picked up
  • Toy
  • Use: Send a letter to one of your best friends from the Ember Court. Within a day, they will write back to you in the mail. (1 Day Cooldown)
  • Requires Level 48

Quill of Correspondence is a toy that is able to send a letter to any of your Best Friends from the Ember Court randomly. Players are unable to pick who is getting the letter, and each person can reply with more than one possible letter. The letters contain their thoughts on the Shadowlands, on the player, on their Covenant, some commentary on the races within the realms, and interesting comments otherwise.


This item is sold for 500g by Lady Ilinca at Sinfall after reaching Best Friends reputation with at least one guest.


Cryptkeeper Kassir

Avowed Letter (1)

Greetings old friend,

I am certain you would be amused to know that your letter surprised me. Quite literally.

The stone fiend threw it at me while I was locking up on of the crypts.

That particular messenger must have had a grudge against me.

You never can fully trust a stone fiend. Stone fiends must obey our orders, but they are devilishly good at finding loopholes when they want to.

I have ordered my messenger directly to not throw, toss, or lob this letter at you. Hopefully it works.


Cryptkeeper Kassir

Avowed Letter (2)

Greetings old friend,

I was encouraged by your letter. I am confident that Sinfall is in capable hands.

Would you please ask the Accuser to stop by my crypts the next time she travels to the Halls of Atonement?

I could use her advice on a certain situation with one of the souls we found in the crypts.

Most unusual...


Cryptkeeper Kassir

Avowed Letter (3)

Greetings old friend,

You must forgive my short reply. The Chamberlain's thugs have cracked open one of my crypts again!

They stole the soul that I was tending to, and put a mirror in the crypt instead.

Do not worry, I did not follow them through it.

I know better than to wander into a mirror when I do not know its destination.


Cryptkeeper Kassir

Plague Deviser Marileth

Slime-Covered Letter (1)


I received your letter, but not the shipment of Revendreth-sourced slimes and oozes that I am certain was meant to accompany it.

My experiments cannot wait, so I will have to move forward without them.

Would you kindly send a dredger with the lost shipments as soon as possible?

If there's a dredger you've been hoping to get rid of, send that one. It's a win-win!

Thanks in advance,

Plague Deviser Marileth

Slime-Covered Letter (2)


I am afraid that Kevin intercepted your previous letter before I could read it.

I see it bobbing around inside of his slime as I write this.

He seems reluctant to let me have it, and it's already mostly dissolved, so I'm going to let it go.

It has given me a tremendous new idea for an experimental slime, however...

Your teacher,

Plague Deviser Marileth

P.S. Kevin looks happier now. It must've been a very kind letter.

Slime-Covered Letter (3)

No time for pleasantries!

We have a crisis at the House of Plagues! (Well, another crisis...) Kevin caused it, of course.

His constant flaunting of hats and showboating of balancing skills has sent the nearby colossal goos into a rampage!

They're stomping right toward us, no doubt to smash everything in sight!

None of us will survive!

As my apprentice you must carry on my work and-- Wait, it appears they turned left.

They're heading back out to the leaning tower. They're sitting down.

Oh, that's nice. False alarm. Carry on.

Your teacher,

Plague Deviser Marileth


Chewed-Up Letter (1)

Hey <name>,

I was just trying to wake up Rury when your letter came.

Hours of my shouting at him couldn't get him to budge, but the moment he heard you'd wrote us a letter, he perked right up.

Figures, heh.

Anyway, we all like the plan you're thinking of for the next Ember Court. Sounds like it'll be a blast!

We're going to get an invitation, I assume. It wouldn't be right to tease us with the details and then not ask us to come... right? Right?!

Waiting for that invitation,

Choofa and the gang

Chewed-Up Letter (2)

I gotta make this one quick, <name>.

I can't go into all the details, but let's just say that I MIGHT have squirreled away some leftover fireworks from the last few Ember Courts.

And I MIGHT have decided to use them to scare the walnuts outta Lady Moonberry.

Now I'm on the run.

Lady Moonberry swore to get me back real good, and she doesn't do halfway when it comes to pranks!

I'm hoping she thinks Rury did it.

He'll be easy to catch!

Send more fireworks!


Chewed-Up Letter (3)

Hey buddy!

I gotta say, your letter made me even more excited for the next Ember Court.

My hype level is cranked to eleven!

So when's it gonna happen?

Slanknen won't stop asking me about it, and Awool's giving me his go-to grumpy stare from across the grove.

To be honest, the stare is probably my fault, but Slanknen's curiosity isn't!

You gotta give me some details to share with him. Or better yet, swing by Tirna Vaal and bring us our invitation in person!

It'd be fun to see you.

Keep partying,



Neat Letter (1)


Thank you for letter.

It was very long.

Please be more concise next time.

Efficiency essential to all of life's endeavors.


Neat Letter (2)


Sika happy to hear that you are busy.

Very good.

Sika also busy.

Very good.

Come to Sika's workshop soon and we stop being busy.

We just be friends.


Neat Letter (3)


Your story in letter is good.

Sika read it to all aspirants who come ask for help.

All must hear good story of Sika's best friend.

You are story hero now.

Come tell story in person soon.



Dusty Letter (1)

<The vast majority of words on the page are crossed out and misspelled.>

Dear Best Bud,

Lost Sybille read me letter.

Lost Sybille teach me write back.

You still best bud!



Dusty Letter (2)

<The vast majority of words on the page are crossed out and misspelled.>

Best Bud,

Me no read letter.

Lost Sybille not here.

Okay bye.



Dusty Letter (3)

<The vast majority of words on the page are crossed out and misspelled.>

Best Bud,

Me need snacks.

Your letter bad snack.

Send snack letter.

Need snacks,


Droman Aliothe

Glowing Letter (1)

Dear <name>,

I hope this letter eventually reaches you.

I've learned to be wary of faeries offering to help, but this one brought a letter from you! Or least a very good imitation of one...

Still, I think we know each other well enough by now to identify one another's writing style.

As to the content of your letter, I trust you know that my grove is always welcome to you.

Many have found peace and safety here after troubles in their past, myself included.

Whenever you need respite from the heavy burdens of being the Maw Walker, you will always find it here in Hibernal Hollow.



Glowing Letter (2)

Dear <name>,

Your previous letter was the talk of the grove.

Guardian Molan was impressed by the tales of your recent battles. He requests that you send more details, including sketches of the tactical positioning used during the fight.

Na'lor was breathless at the description of the vistas you witnessed on your travels. There is wanderlust in that one...

Taiba and the crafters are eager to inspect your new equipment the next time you visit. They hope to learn a thing or two while repairing it for you.

Your willingness to spread knowledge between the realms has inspired us all.

Thank you,


Glowing Letter (3)

Dear <name>,

Anima falls like stars in the grove as I write this letter to you. Dazzlewing weaves between them in the sky, giggling.

Teendynneetll remains still, but has not yet noticed that a single star has landed on their shoulder. Or perhaps, they do not mind.

It is moments like this that make the fighting worthwhile. Remember that as you strive toward your next endeavor.

From your previous letter, it sounds like it will be a most worthwhile one.

But as you walk your path and embrace your role as Maw Walker, do not forget to rest in the peaceful moments as well.

They remind us why we must fight.

In rest,


Grandmaster Vole

Marrow-stained Letter (1)

Got your note, <name>.

Appreciate the leads on new challengers for the Theater of Pain.

Send 'em my way whenever they're ready. I don't care who they are, where they come from, or where they're going. If they can fight, I want 'em in my arena.

Speaking of which, when are you going to come fight again? The fights today have put half the spectators to sleep.

--Grandmaster Vole

Marrow-stained Letter (2)

Keep sending stories like the one in your last letter, and you'll be an even bigger legend around here.

Overseer Kalvaros has been barking out the story of your battle to rile up the fans waiting below.

You should've heard the cheer when he got to the part with your killing blow. Ha!

Finish up whatever you're doing and then get over here to fight. The crowd's already chanting your name!

--Grandmaster Vole

Marrow-stained Letter (3)

Look, <name>,

I'm glad you're doing whatever it is you're doing out there across the Shadowlands, but you've got to get back here to the Theater of Pain.

Mistress Dyrax just cleared the entire floor of challengers with five arms tied behind her back. It was incredible!

I had Au'larrynar bring in some Azerothian refreshments for you. Rencissa smashed them all because you took so long, but ol' Marcel Mullby's still got plenty of lukewarm tauralus milk.

You like that stuff, right? Makes your bones strong!

--Grandmaster Vole

Kleia and Pelagos

Humble Letter (1)

My friend,

I am uncertain if you intended to convey a sense of sadness in your previous letter--perhaps I have misread it.

Either way, I would like to offer you a word of encouragement.

You have made tremendous progress in uniting the Shadowlands behind your Prince.

The heroes of our realms rally behind your banner as you charge ahead into the unknown.

The villains of our realms cower at the mere mention of your name.

And I am proud to call you my friend.



P.S. Kleia wants you to know that she's proud of you too!

Humble Letter (2)

My friend,

It was good to hear from you. I wrote back as soon as I was able, and I hope you will do the same.

I love reading the stories of your adventures, particularly when you journey with others united in purpose.

Tell me, <name>, what is the most inspiring moment of sacrifice and bravery you have witnessed from a comrade in battle?

I could use a little extra inspiration today.

Your friend,


Humble Letter (3)

Dear <name>,

I have wrestled the quill and parchment away from Pelagos so that I may be the one to write to you for once.

I am currently writing this note while flying in the air above him. He is making quite the scene down there trying to convince me to come down.

It is not my proudest moment, but it seemed the only way to ensure that I got to write to you for once.

And now that I have... I can't think of what to write...

I hope you're doing well. Come see us soon.



P.S. If Pelagos asks what I wrote in this letter, tell him it was beautiful and inspiring!

Rendle and Cudgelface

Muck-Covered Letter (1)

Hey <name>,

Why'd you write us a letter? We're right here in Sinfall.

Cudgelface don't read so good. Just stop by and say hi next time.


Muck-Covered Letter (2)

Hey <name>,

This what it feels like be a fancy noble, gettin' letters all the time? Not sure I like it.

Talkin's easier and I'm a lot better at it. You see the fancy calligraphy I did on your name at the top? Took too long, so I stopped after that. But it looks great, yeah?

Anyway, gotta run. How do dem fancy fangs end letters? Probably some big swirly calligraphy, right?

<The rest of the page is covered in excessively large swirls.>

Muck-Covered Letter (3)

This is Cudgelface.

Thanks for letter.

I like letters now.

I write letters now.

I'm learning new things.

This is Cudgelface.

Alexandros Mograine

Bladed Letter (1)

To <name>,

Thank you for sending a report of your recent military endeavors.

I know that you are not required to do so, but appreciate your efforts to keep me in the loop as situations develop across the Shadowlands.

When you have time, I am interested in discussing your unusual tactics in the battle described in your letter.

Strange they may seem, but effective nonetheless.

I would like to learn from them.

For Maldraxxus,

Alexandros Mograine

Bladed Letter (2)

To <name>,

As requested: a status report for the Bleak Redoubt.

The Undying Army's position here remains strong.

Bladeguards hold the north gate and walls, while our summoners work to pull in a powerful ally.

The western entrance is our weak spot, but the soldiers there are not giving up. We should be able to hold it.

Stitchmaster Rathan is investigating the possibility of establishing a new stitchyard nearby to further fortify our position.

For Maldraxxus,

Alexandros Mograine

Bladed Letter (3)

To <name>,

Your recent letter was a welcome surprise.

I have been thinking back to my time on Azeroth more frequently since your arrival.

I am sure much has changed, but I wonder what remains the same.

I look forward to discussing Azeroth further with you when our campaign is done.

I may have a story or two to tell that you'd be interested in.

Your friend and comrade in arms,

Alexandros Mograine

Hunt-Captain Korayn

Notched Letter (1)

To <name>,

Thank you for sending an exhaustive report of your recent hunts.

Not all of them appear relevant to the Wild Hunt's current endeavors, but they are impressive regardless.

I held the line against an enraged eggtender from Gormhive today.

Watcher Ver'lo got the killing blow with a perfectly aimed arrow from the balcony above.

It's a shame you weren't there to see it. You would've appreciated the accuracy of his shot.

Continue the hunt,

Hunt-Captain Korayn

Notched Letter (2)

To <name>,

I won't contest the accuracy of your current tally of kills, as reported in your previous letter.

But I do find them suspiciously high. I suppose you are the Maw Walker...

Still, I enjoy our contests and will attempt to keep up with you.

I have recorded one-hundred thirty-eight killing blows since I received your previous letter, and have--

<Hunt-Captain Korayn's writing trails off the page.>

Make that one-hundred fifty-two kills! Sure, a few in that last wave were mites, but I can't afford to be picky when you're so far ahead!

Beat that,

Hunt-Captain Korayn

Notched Letter (3)


I received your letter in a rare moment of quiet here at Claw's Edge.

The tales of your recent adventures were most welcome, both to me and the few hunters and grovewardens recovering alongside me.

I hope you don't mind: I shared your stories with them. Your legend is growing faster than you might imagine.

There's no doubt that tales of the mighty Maw Walker will be told around Wild Hunt campfires for a long time in Ardenweald.

I am proud to be a part of your story.

Until we hunt together again,

Hunt-Captain Korayn

Polemarch Adrestes

Plain Letter (1)

To <name>,

Thank you for your letter. I sat on the edge of Hero's Rest, overlooking Purity's Pinnacle in the distance, as I read it.

It was a valuable reminder of the victories we are winning across all of the Shadowlands.

We will restore things to their proper order--even here, as the Forsworn assault our temples and attempt to sabotage us from within.

We will prevail. We must.

In honor,

Polemarch Adrestes

<There is a small disclaimer stamped at the bottom of the letter.>

This letter is and all of its contents are the sole property of the Archon.

Plain Letter (2)

To <name>,

You must warn me before opening your letters with amusing ancedotes. I nearly cracked a smile in front of the other polemarches.

That said, you are correct. It was quite entertaining when Theotar did that... thing at the Ember Court. You have some wild friends, <name>.

I am glad to count myself among them.

By the grace of the Archon,

Polemarch Adrestes

<There is a small disclaimer stamped at the bottom of the letter.>

This letter is and all of its contents are the sole property of the Archon.

Plain Letter (3)

To <name>,

Thank you for obtaining permission from General Draven to send me a thorough copy of the Stone Legion's military regulations and procedures.

It was both an enlightening and rewarding book to read during my off-duty hours.

I look forward to discussing it further with the general and other military leaders at your next Ember Court.

Until then,

Polemarch Adrestes

<There is a small disclaimer stamped at the bottom of the letter.>

This letter is and all of its contents are the sole property of the Archon.

The Countess

Calligraphed Letter (1)

My beautiful <name>,

I was most pleased to receive your letter, for I have been thinking of you as well.

I simply cannot wait to tell you what happened to a certain duke at my latest court.

It is positively hilarious. I thought of you immediately when it happened.

Until then,

The Countess

Calligraphed Letter (2)

My beautiful <name>,

Although I would rather speak with you in person, I always welcome your messages.

I fear I have nothing of particular import of which to inform you since last we spoke.

It has been positively dull out here in the Redelav District.

Perhaps I shall stir up a little excitement...

Devilishly yours,

The Countess

Calligraphed Letter (3)

My beautiful <name>,

Imagine my joy when I discovered your message amongst the letters Alfryd brought me this morning.

It was, of course, the first to which I replied. As to your question, I cannot say.

I will see what gossip I may uncover amongst the socialites and nobles of the Redelav District in regard to it.

Come see me soon and I shall share what I learn.


The Countess

Baroness Vashj

Sealed Letter (1)

Dear <name>,

I do so enjoy our correspondence.

However, you should know better than to ask after such sensitive information through an unsecured mailing system such as this.

If you need answers to those questions immediately, I shall send Khaliiq to deliver them to you in person.

A better alternative, however, would simply be for you to come visit me at the Renounced Bastille.

I much prefer face-to-face interactions.

Always watching,

Baroness Vashj

Sealed Letter (2)

Dear <name>,

Thank you for passing along that intriguing bit of intelligence in your last letter.

Mekkar has filed it away in our records.

I have no doubt that it will prove quite useful one day.

Allow me to return the favor.

Anzio the Infallible at the Theater of Pain is anything but his namesake.

In fact, I have heard that he is no longer allowed onto the arena floor because of his frequent errors in battle.

Banned by Grandmaster Vole himself.

Interesting, no?

Always watching,

Baroness Vashj

Sealed Letter (3)

My little <name>,

You need not waste your time detailing your activities in Maldraxxus.

Although I appreciate the thoroughness of your recent letter, you may rest assured that if it happened in Maldraxxus, I am already aware of it.

Still, it is quite endearing that are you so willing to be open with me about your activities.

I suppose we are friends now, are we not?

Well, it appears that is one thing happening in Maldraxxus that I did not foresee.

Always watching,

Baroness Vashj

Lady Moonberry

Flickering Letter (1)

If you can read this, you must really be <name>.

I enchanted the parchment to reveal my true message only to you.

Everyone else will see a drawing of Bwonsamdi's behind--ha!

That's what they deserve for reading someone else's letter!

Anyway, I don't really have anything to say, I just really wanted to trick someone into looking at the drawing.

Leave it somewhere that the Prince will find it. That'd be hilarious!

See you soon,

Lady Moonberry

Flickering Letter (2)

Heya <name>,

Thanks for the letter. I read it to Lemonseed and the gang and everyone here loved it!

They're all so jealous that I get to attend the Ember Court with you. They're begging me to take them to the next one.

What a great opportunity to play some tricks on them all... See?

Even when the Ember Court isn't happening, it's still fun!

Talk to you soon,

Lady Moonberry

Flickering Letter (3)


We're best friends, right?

And best friends don't ask uncomfortable questions when asked for a favor, right? Right? Okay, good.

I need you to send me twenty dredgers in a crate.

Give them all muckbombs and confetti, with orders to shout "Gotcha!" when the crate is opened.

I'll owe you one,

Lady Moonberry


Intricately Folded Letter (1)


Not sure how long ago your letter arrived.

Hopefully recent.

Found it under a pile of ingots.

It was covered in grease.

Only fourteen words were still legible, and none of them in direct sequence.

I assume you included some new curio in the package.

In which case, I'm certain I've already found it, disassembled it, and reassembled it at least once already.

It was no doubt illuminating.

Your friend,


Intricately Folded Letter (2)


I seem to have forgotten where I was going or why I was going there.

It was likely important.

I found your letter in my bag.

Perhaps you know what I was doing?

If it helps, I appear to be near a large tree and... that's it.

Please send instructions.

Your friend,


Intricately Folded Letter (3)


Great letter. Diagrams of relics and technology you have encountered recently on your travels are very appreciated.

I will memorize them before distributing them to the forgehands for further study and experimentation.

If I am not mistaken, one of the designs you sent will make a powerful new hat for Bron.

Will try soon.

Your friend,


P.S. Bron says hello.

Notes and trivia

  • The second letter listed here by Mikanikos is a reference to game designer Josh Augustine's favorite apocryphal anecdote of Albert Einstein, where it is claimed he stepped off his train, completely forgot why he was traveling, and called his wife asking what he was supposed to be doing.[1]

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  1. ^ Josh Augustine on Twitter, @jaugustine says: Fun fact: That first Mikanikos letter is based on my favorite (apocryphal) story of Albert Einstein. He stepped off his train, having completely forgotten why he was traveling during the trip. He called his wife and asked where he was and what he was supposed to be doing.

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