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RSVP: Droman Aliothe (quest)

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VenthyrRSVP: Droman Aliothe
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Ember Court
Experience 9,450
Reputation +300 Droman Aliothe
Rewards  [RSVP: Droman Aliothe]
25g 74s


Investigate the offers of the Brokers to see whether a remnant of Aliothe's world may be found.


I serve my Queen and abide by my oath to guard this hollow and tend the spirits it encloses.

Once, I might have enjoyed your Prince's party, but I am no longer suited to revelry.

My world was destroyed long ago, and perhaps I too have lost some of the joy I felt as its wild guardian. I would dearly like a reminder of my old home.

I have heard those strange traders, the brokers, have unusual objects from other worlds.

Perhaps they have something from mine?


You will receive:

Inv letter 16.png [RSVP: Droman Aliothe]


Have you found a reminder of my home for me?


That scent! I would know it anywhere. My den was surrounded by this plant! Thank you. I will keep this token close to me to remember the joyous times.


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