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Image of Ra-den
Title <The Despoiled>
Gender Male
Race Titanic watcher (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ny'alotha, the Waking City
Status Killable

Ra-den is a titanic watcher located in Ny'alotha, the Waking City.

Adventure Journal

As he bravely fought to save the Chamber of Heart, Ra-den was pulled into Ny'alotha where he has fallen victim to N'Zoth's whispers. The despair he harbored for so long has overwhelmed the last of his hope, rendering his corruption complete. Now the former Highkeeper will stop at nothing to do the Old God’s bidding.


Ra-den periodically draws Void and Vita Essence from other realms. Essences that reach Ra-den empower him with energy of that type. At 40% health, Ra-den stops safely drawling Essence and instead begins hastily drawling energy directly from these realms. This allows Ra-den to cast spells empowered by both energy types.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Utilize [Void Pools] to counter the effects of [Terminal Strike].
  • [Void Pools] can be destroyed with [Cauterizing Flare] and [Unstable Vita].

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Position yourself to avoid unnecessary hits from [Unstable Vita].
  • [Void Pools] can be destroyed with [Cauterizing Flare] and [Unstable Vita].

Healer Alert Healers

  • Position yourself to avoid unnecessary hits from [Unstable Vita].
  • [Void Pools] can be destroyed with [Cauterizing Flare] and [Unstable Vita].
  • Prioritize healing on targets affected by [Unleashed Void].


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  • Ra-den yells: Behold the fabric of creation.
  • Ra-den yells: Come. I will reveal the master's glory and liberate you from darkness!
  • Ra-den yells: Enough! I wield the power of creation itself!
  • Ra-den yells: I need more power!
  • Ra-den yells: Lightning, given life!
  • Ra-den yells: Limitless power!
  • Ra-den yells: N'Zoth opened my eyes to his great truth. He freed me from the narrow confines of the titans' path.
  • Ra-den yells: Perhaps... a glimmer... can repel... the dark...
  • Ra-den yells: Resistance is useless.
  • Ra-den yells: The essence of the cosmos heeds my call!
  • Ra-den yells: The Void claims all.
  • Ra-den yells: The Void hungers!
  • Ra-den yells: Weakness!
  • Ra-den yells: You are bound by fate!
  • Ra-den yells: You cannot escape the Void!
  • Ra-den yells: You only delay the inevitable!
  • Ra-den yells: Your strength falters!



PTR adventure journal

Deep within the Black Empire, the Keeper's fate is revealed. Now corrupted by N'Zoth, Ra-Den works to make his master's vision of the Black Empire a reality.

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