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Image of Rada'jin
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll
Class Druid
Affiliation(s) Darkspear tribe, Garad'kra
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Rada'jin was a Darkspear troll druid and member of the Garad'kra. He wanted to ease the tensions between the Darkspear and the rest of the Horde by proving that the trolls were strong and worthy allies, no matter the cost.[1]


Rada'jin joined the Garad'kra team led by Shagara and accompanied them on their first mission of dealing with Aratas' centaur army. During their first confrontation with the centaur in the Northern Barrens, Rada'jin's overeagerness to prove himself caused him to attack recklessly, ignore Shagara's orders, and lose himself to bloodlust while shapeshifted, almost costing the Garad'kra the battle had it not been for the orc Malgar's help. Shagara harshly reprimanded Rada'jin for this after the battle.

Dorthar training

Rada'jin and Shagara bonding with Dorthar during a training session.

Following information from the centaur Dorthar, the Garad'kra set out on a zeppelin journey to Desolace to strike at Aratas' army directly. During the voyage, Rada'jin lamented that he wasn't showing himself to be a worthy druid, but Shagara assured him that they all—her most of all—were trying to prove their worth, just like him. As the journey continued, the Garad'kra helped Dorthar learn how to fight, knitting the team closer together and training them to work as a unit.

Rada'jin's death

Rada'jin is killed by Aratas' spear.

On arrival in Desolace, the Garad'kra confronted Aratas while Malgar and Dorthar freed the centaur's slaves. The Garad'kra started to lose against Aratas' perfect ones until Malgar joined them and turned the tide with his arrows and his wolf Remnes. Aratas threw a spear at the orc's back, but Rada'jin jumped in front and the spear impaled his heart. As the druid lay dying, he apologized for failing the Garad'kra again, but Malgar told him that he had done the Horde proud and that he would tell everyone about the druid's noble sacrifice. Rada'jin then died, having finally proven his worth.

Shagara believed that it was Rada'jin's courage that allowed Malgar and the Garad'kra to defeat Aratas and save the Horde. She considered the mission a failure due to the druid's death and subsequently spoke up against Warchief Garrosh Hellscream's mistreatment of the Darkspear. Malgar took Rada'jin's place in the Garad'kra.[2]


Malgar promising Rada'jin

Malgar's promise to Rada'jin.

Orc: "A troll... and you're... you're a druid?"
Rada'jin: "Ya, mon. Never thought I'd be seein' one, either."[3]

Rada'jin: "I only be wantin' ta show a troll can be a wort'y druid. Prove dat da Darkspear trolls can be powerful members of da Horde. All I be doin' is de opposite."
Shagara: "Rada'jin, everyone strives to prove their worth. It is why we are all here, in one way or another."
Rada'jin: "Even you, mon?"
Shagara: "Especially me."[4]

Rada'jin: "I-I be sorry. I-I be lettin'... da Garad'kra down."
Malgar: "No! You saved a friend's life."
Rada'jin: "I be doin' sometin'... good?"
Malgar: "The most noble act I've ever seen. You've done your people and the Horde proud."
Rada'jin: "Da trolls... dey be worthy, ya?"
Malgar: "Always."
Rada'jin: "Malgar be tellin' de orcs... be tellin' de Horde... what a troll did for dem dis day." (Rada'jin dies.)
Malgar: "As long as I have breath."[5]


  • Rada'jin is the only one of Bloodsworn's main characters who does not appear in Beginnings & Ends.



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