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Radiance of Azshara

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BossRadiance of Azshara
Image of Radiance of Azshara
Gender Female
Race Arcanamental (Elemental)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Font of Radiance, Eternal Palace

The Radiance of Azshara is the third boss of the Eternal Palace raid.

Adventure Journal

Using her handmaiden as a willing sacrifice, Azshara has forged into being an elemental of storm and magic. Powered by the soul of the devoted vassal, the resulting monstrosity is the avatar of Azshara's radiance.


Rediance of Azshara harnesses players with stray magic. building energy till it can summon an ancient tempest, centered around a stormwraith. The ancient tempest's energy builds,dealing increaced damage to players not within eye of the storm . slaying the stromwraiths will cause the tempest to recede.



Radiance of Azshara yells: No escape!
Unshakled Power
Radiance of Azshara yells: Power overwhelming!
Raging Storm
Radiance of Azshara yells: No escape!
Radiance of Azshara yells: Your doom closes in!
Radiance of Azshara yells: My... life... for Azshara...
Player Death
Radiance of Azshara yells: Unworthy!


  • This boss was named Rage of Azshara in early PTR builds.[1][2] Azshara still refers to it as "the rage of a queen" when introducing Radiance.
  • The Adventure Guide entry originally described the Radiance as an elemental of "storm and arcana" rather than "storm and magic".[3]

Patch changes


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