Raggaran's Rage

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HordeRaggaran's Rage
Start Raggaran
End Raggaran
Level 8 (Requires 4)
Category Durotar
Experience 700
Reputation +250 Orgrimmar
Rewards 2s 25c
Previous H [8] Watershed Patrol
Next H [9] Raggaran's Fury


Kill 4 Razormane Quilboar and 4 Razormane Scouts.


The quilboar are a stain on the land that not even the river can wash away. They told me to evacuate, but I told them that my job was not yet done.

Hrrrraaagh! I hate quilboar so much! Will you help me kill them?


You will receive: 2s 25c


I hate quilboar!


<Raggaran appears to have calmed down a bit since your last encounter.>

Good, good. One step closer to eliminating those beady-eyed, basket-wearing, hog-nosed, two-toed...

<Raggaran's anger is clearly rising again.>

...hunchbacked, squealing, prickly... no-good... gnome-loving... GREEEAAAAGH! Quilboar!


This quest is required to complete the quest H [8] Watershed Patrol.

Razormane Quilboars and Razormane Scouts are found in the quilboard camp just east of Raggaran's position[42.6, 49.8].


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