Overview of the cavern. Notice the runes on the walls.

Ragnaros' Lair is a subregion in the Molten Core. As the name implies, it is where Ragnaros is fought. It is also patrolled by three lava elementals. It is a large dome-shaped cavern in which the walls are adorned with the runes of warding. The rock floor creates a spiral-like pattern in the lava, which ends in the center of the cavern. There, in a bubbling pool, Ragnaros sleeps. When he is awake, he does not move from this spot, but does instead fight by knocking away nearby opponents and casting fire spells at them from a distance (see tactics).


  • This location is known for having somewhat dramatic music. It can be heard in-game by executing the following script in a chat command line (where you enter text).
/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Music\\Musical Moments\\battle\\battle01.mp3")

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