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Raid list No Raid

Raid list (No Raid)

Raid list is a part of the Socials and Raid Finder windows in the default World of Warcraft User Interface accessible from a Raid tab at the bottom right of the window.


There are three buttons on this pane:

Other Raids
Which lists raids around the player's level
Raid Info
Displays recent raids the player is saved to and which bosses have been defeated or are still available
Convert to Raid
If currently in a party group, can be used to turn into a raid group


  • Players can drag the group name label to your main window to get status bars for the individual 5-man groups.
  • Players can drag the name of a class to your main window to get status bars for all those of that class.
  • Disconnected player names are displayed in grey, fallen raid members in bright red (as opposed to the darker Death Knight red) and the rest of the raid is colored according to class.


  • If the character is part of a Raid group, the list of 5-man raid parties will appear in the window.
  • If the character is not part of a Raid group, the pane will information about a Raid group (see image to right →).


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