Image of Raigonn
Race Kunchong (Humanoid)
Level 25-35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Gate of the Setting Sun
Status Killable

Raigonn is the last boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


Adventure Guide

This colossal mantid spearheads the assault against the gates. Acting as a living battering ram, Raigonn mercilessly hammers the pandaren defenses, seeking to decimate any and all obstacles barring the mantid's ruthless invasion of Pandaria.


Breaking The Siege

Raigonn has burst through the outer gate, and is now attempting to ram through the inner gate! He must be stopped by destroying his weak spot.

  • Inv misc nerubianchitin 01.png  Impervious Carapace — Reigonn's Impervious Carapace reduces the damage dealt to Raigonn by 99% until players destroy his Vulnerability.
  • Inv qiraj carapaceoldgod.png  Vulnerability Important — Raigonn exposes his vulnerability, allowing players to ride on his head and attack it! Destroying the Vulnerability also destroys Raigonn's Carapace.
  • Ability hunter pet silithid.png  Battering Headbutt — Raigonn charges towards the inner door and the impact of the Headbutt inflicts 50000 Physical damage to enemies within 10 yards. Impacting the door also throws all enemies on Raigonn's Vulnerability to the ground.
  • Krik'thik Protectorate — Eight Krik'thik Protectorate join the fight from beyond the wall.
    • Spell shadow mindflay.png  Hive Mind Tank Alert — When one of the Krik'thik Protectorate is reduced to 20% remaining health, it casts casts Hive Mind, increasing the attack speed of all nearby Hive Protectorate by 50%.
  • Krik'thik Engulfer — Three Engulfing Krik'thik fly above, casting Engulfing Winds.
    • Ability druid galewinds.png  Engulfing Winds — Engulfing Winds creates a tornado at the targeted location that inflicts 15000 Nature damage to enemies within 3 yards and an additional 20000 Nature damage every 1 sec.
  • Krik'thik Swarm Bringer — A Krik'thik Swarm Bringer joins the battle, inflicting Screeching Swarm on enemies.
    • Spell nature insect swarm2.png  Screeching Swarm Magic Effect — Screeching Swarm absorbs 15000 healing and inflicts 15000 Shadow damage every 1 sec. The Swarm detaches from its host after 10 sec. The Swarm inflicts 8000 damage every 1 sec. to enemies within 20 yards.

The Cracked Carapace

  • Ability hunter markedfordeath.png  Broken Carapace — The broken Mantid Carapace increases Raigonn's damage taken by 300%.
  • Spell nature shamanrage.png  Fixate — Raigonn fixates on a target on a random player for 15 sec., and their movement speed increases by 75%.
  • Ability warstomp.png  Stomp — Raigonn stomps, inflicting 35000 Physical damage to all nearby enemies. Each time he stomps, he gains an application of Frenzy, increasing his damage dealt by 25%.


Start by jumping down the wall and healing the fall damage. If the group wipes and reappears at the dungeon entrance, ropes can be used to climb down without taking damage.

In phase 1, Raigonn is nearly invulnerable. The tank should stay down and keep aggro on Raigonn and random mantid adds that periodically spawn. It is also preferable to leave one DPS down to help the tank quickly kill Swarmbringers before they can summon enough swarms to overwhelm the tank. The remaining DPS should jump into cannons, which will launch them on top of Raigonn, and attack the weak spot.

After the weak spot drops to zero health, phase 2 begins, and Raigonn becomes vulnerable. This phase is straightforward: kill the remaining adds, then focus on Raigonn. The only thing to watch for is his charge attack: move out of the way when you see him cast Fixate.

Objective of


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Carapace Breaker]  [Carapace Breaker] Spirit mace
 [Shield of the Protectorate]  [Shield of the Protectorate] Spirit shield
 [Swarmbringer Chestguard]  [Swarmbringer Chestguard] Spirit plate chest
 [Hive Protector's Gauntlets]  [Hive Protector's Gauntlets] Strength plate gloves
 [Wall-Breaker Legguards]  [Wall-Breaker Legguards] Agility leather leggings
 [Treads of Fixation]  [Treads of Fixation] Agility mail boots
 [Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm] Bow
 [Impervious Carapace] Tank shield
 [Shoulders of Engulfing Winds] Caster cloth shoulders
 [Drape of the Screeching Swarm] DPS strength cloak
 [Frenzyswarm Bracers] Spirit cloth bracers

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