MobRajah Haghazed
Image of Rajah Haghazed
Gender Male
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level 10-30 Elite
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darkcrest tribe, Illidan's Naga, Illidan's forces
Occupation Leader of the Darkcrest
Location Darkcrest Enclave, Zangarmarsh[65, 69]
Status Deceased[1] (lore)
Killable (WoW)

Rajah Haghazed in WoW.

Rajah Haghazed is a naga and leader of the Darkcrest tribe found in Darkcrest Enclave in Zangarmarsh. He was a fearless warrior and one of the Cenarion Expedition's most feared adversaries[1] until Warden Hamoot sent adventurers to kill him.


  • Forceful Cleave
  • Mortal Strike
  • Shield Charge
  • Shield Wall

Objective of


Rajah Haghazed discards his weapons and reaches for a polearm!


  • Immune to snare, root and fear. At half health, he switches from sword and shield to polearm dropping his armor significantly, but hits harder and starts using mortal strike.
  • Some classes may be able to solo him with difficulty at the level you pickup this quest, such as paladins, pet users and properly specced mages, but it is generally a much better idea to form a group.


  • The index of the Ultimate Visual Guide book confirms that Rajah is his title rather than his name.

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