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Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll
Occupation Scamp leader
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Kaiani (daughter)

Rajin was the leader of a group of young Zandalari scamps in Zuldazar during Zenbaro's youth. He gave his fellow scamps shelter, and in return, they did whatever he asked, which usually meant running scams in the city or stealing from the coffers in the loa temple. Early on, Rajin took notice of the skills of Zenbaro, who was shortly running personal errands for Rajin. If someone needed "talking to", Zenbaro was the one to do it, but there was not much actual talking involved.

Before long, Zenbaro earned Rajin's trust and respect, as much as anyone could, but Zenbaro was more interested in Rajin's beautiful daughter Kaiani. Kaiani asked Zenbaro to leave the city with her, and from that day on he secretly kept part of all the coins he stole for himself rather than giving them all to Rajin. After a year, he had saved up enough for the two of them to run away, but on the night of their escape, Zenbaro was apprehended by armed guards at the place where he and Kaiani had agreed to meet. He realized that Rajin had murdered his daughter, but Zenbaro was the one who would take the blame, leading to Zenbaro's subsequent exile to Vol'dun.[1]