Rak'gor Bloodrazor

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HordeRak'gor Bloodrazor
Image of Rak'gor Bloodrazor
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 92 Elite
Class Rogue
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kor'kron[1]
Location Dagger in the Dark
Status Killable (WoW), Deceased (Lore)

Rak'gor Bloodrazor is an elite orc who accompanied Garrosh Hellscream to Pandaria as his bodyguard.[2] Garrosh then ordered Rak'gor to go with Vol'jin to investigate the saurok rookery in the Dagger in the Dark scenario. He was followed by two Kor'kron Bodyguards. It is revealed in the end that he is actually an assassin, rather than a scout leader, and was dispatched by Garrosh Hellscream to put an end to Vol'jin's dissension permanently, if he proves himself a traitor by disagreeing. Throughout the ambush, he questions the adventurers' loyalties, but with the aid of Vol'jin's totems, the heroes were able to defeat the duplicitous orc.


  • Cheap Shot - Stuns target for 4 seconds.
  • Fan of Knives - Instantly whirl around, releasing a spray of knives at all targets within 25 yards, dealing 30000 Physical damage.
  • Fixate - Chasing down the target and ignoring everyone else.
  • Gas Bomb - Reduces healing received by 75% and deals 40000 Nature damage every 1 sec while victims remain in the cloud.
  • Shadowstep - Attempts to step through the shadows and reappear behind the target.


Bloodrazor is a relatively easy foe to deal with, though he combines a few common mechanics for an interesting battle. Bloodrazor's two bodyguards can be easily dealt with by one of the party members while the others focus on him. Vol'jin has placed five of his totems around the arena, which will heal anyone standing in them. These will make Bloodrazor's damage negligible until he drops one of his mustard gas bombs. When this occurs, it will nullify the healing from the totems and damage them heavily over time, forcing anyone inside to move to a different totem. One nasty trick Bloodrazor has is one where he will combine his Shadowstep, Cheap Shot, and Gas Bomb, instantly stunning the target in the middle of a cloud of deadly poison. In this case, it is imperative that the victim escape the cloud when their stun ends and make their way to a totem or receive healing from a group mate.


[You Mean That Wasn't a Void Zone?]



See Dagger in the Dark for scene dialogue.

The warchief will annihilate his enemies!
  • Ha-HAH!
  • ...die!
  • Fury!
  • Strength!
  • Hide the bodies!
  • Leave no witnesses!
Is THIS where your loyalties lie?
Hellscream's Horde demands absolute obedience!
The Warchief will hear of this betrayal!
Hellscream... will find out...


Rak'gor is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

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