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This article is about the tribe and faction of tol'vir. For the city, see Ramkahen. For other uses, see Ramkahen (disambiguation).
NeutralRamkahen tribe
Ramkahen city2
Main leader IconSmall Ramkahen King Phaoris
  Formerly IconSmall Ramkahen Emperor Ninjter[1]
Secondary leaders

The High Council[2]

Race(s) Tol'vir Tol'vir
Capital Ramkahen
Affiliation Independent, Titans, Uldum Accord
Status Active
Quartermaster IconSmall Ramkahen Blacksmith Abasi
Notable reward(s) Camel mounts
Tabard Ramkahen Tabard

“Our power is in our people.”

King Phaoris

The Ramkahen tribe is a faction of tol'vir that control the territory of northern Uldum. They have lived in peace with the other tol'vir tribes for a long time, until the Neferset tribe made relations with Deathwing and the elemental lord Al'Akir. The Ramkahen were given the same choice but refused, they however have taken steps to insure their safety after seeing the aftermath of the attack on Orsis.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The stalwart, cat-like Ramkahen people can claim a history truly unique on Azeroth: they are the descendants of an ancient race, the stone-skinned tol'vir shaped to guard the oases and tombs of the titans. The Ramkahen have long since lost their stone skin because of a curse laid upon them by the Old Gods, but they have held firm to their sacred mission, and spread throughout Uldum in the hope of protecting its ancient tombs and vaults from those who would defile them. With Deathwing's reemergence into Azeroth, the Ramkahen have found themselves pitted against their closest cousins, the Neferset tol'vir, who serve Deathwing and his allies for the promise of a return to their ancient, stony forms. The Ramkahen still cling to their charge of defending Uldum, but they can do little for their ancestral land if they are annihilated, and so they prepare for war. Those who support the Ramkahen in their fight against the Neferset can earn arcane trinkets and garments created in the image of the titans themselves.[3]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

When the Neverset were defeated, the Ramkahen took over the Lost City of the Tol'vir.[4]

After N'Zoth was freed from his prison, the Ramkahen formed the Uldum Accord by allying with the Explorers' League and Wastewander bandits. They defended Uldum and the Halls of Origination from both N'Zoth's forces and the Amathet tol'vir.


Players start out at Neutral with this faction.

It is possible to increase Ramkahen reputation through about a third of Honored by completing the available Uldum quests. To gain reputation up to Exalted requires the Inv misc tabard tolvir [Tabard of Ramkahen], or completion of the two daily quests N [30-35 Daily] Thieving Little Pluckers for 150 rep per day and N [30-35 Daily] Fire From the Sky for 250 rep per day.

Faction description[]

The cat-like people of Ramkahen are the descendants of the Tol'vir, guardiands of Uldum. Though they've lost their stone bodies, protecting the secrets of the titans is still a part of their rigid tradition.


Blacksmith Abasi sells rewards to players beginning at Honored status. He also sells a tabard beginning at Friendly status to those who wish to champion the cause of the Ramkahen.

Blacksmith Abasi
<Ramkahen Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly Inv misc tabard tolvir [Tabard of Ramkahen] 1g Tabard
Honored Inv misc kingsring2 [Ammunae's Blessing] 21g 37s 37c Ring (spirit)
Inv belt mail dungeonmail c 04 [Belt of the Stargazer] 36g 43s 13c Mail Waist (agility)
Inv boots plate dungeonplate c 04 [Drystone Greaves] 63g 40s 12c Plate Feet (caster)
Inv misc cape cataclysm melee c 01 [Shroud of the Dead] 36g 16s 54c Cloak (strength)
Revered Inv belt 104 [Quicksand Belt] 30g 1s 66c Leather Waist (agility)
Inv misc kingsring1 [Red Rock Band] 21g 37s 37c Ring (strength)
Inv chest robe dungeonrobe c 04 [Robes of Orsis] 50g 77s 7c Cloth Chest (caster)
Inv belt mail dungeonmail c 04 [Sash of Prophecy] 35g 88s 20c Mail Waist (spirit)
Exalted Inv boots cloth raidwarlock i 01 [Desert Walker Sandals] 50g 53s 1c Cloth Feet (caster)
Inv misc necklacea7 [Gift of Nadun] 21g 37s 37c Necklace (strength)
Inv bracer plate raidwarrior i 01 [Sandguard Bracers] 59g 6s 50c Plate Wrist (tank)
Inv belt plate raidpaladin i 01 [Sun King's Girdle] 58g 84s 14c Plate Waist (spirit)
Ability mount camel brown [Reins of the Brown Riding Camel] 100g Ground mount
Ability mount camel tan [Reins of the Tan Riding Camel] 100g Ground mount
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